Hello, I’m Mummy Gadget Geek, a.k.a Lauren!

If you’d like to speak to me, you can email me at mummygadgetgeek at gmail dot com

I can often be found wandering around London, or Essex (because we live around those parts)…

This is me. Except...I probably wont wear the hat.
This is me. Except…I don’t always wear that hat.

I have kids, I like gadgets…you get the idea.

In fact, kids get some excellent gadgets these days…and don’t get me started on stuff for babies! Seriously…there is SO MUCH STUFF. I like to sort the good from the bad, the useful from the ‘what?’. And then I tell people about it.

Life isn’t all gadgets though. The normal everyday mundaneness is also important – you can’t have excitement without it! So be prepared for a bit of all that too. YOLO or whatever. (or do you? That’s a whole other conversation…especially when you think about zombies and reanimation and…well, I do think about that so there might be a bit of rambling about that as well).

I am a project manager working in large scale regeneration, a cat lover (my ankle-biting cat Pixel might disagree!), a cake baker, an antenatal teacher and qualified breastfeeding counsellor, and most importantly, a partner to my Other Half and mother of Seb, D and Little B. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which makes life interesting at times, but I like to think in terms of the things that I can do, rather than the things I can’t. 


Seb (formerly known as The Wee Man)

happy gappy hopper (846x1280)

Born in August 2009, he is now not so Wee at six years old, and is loving Year 2 at school! He loves playing with new apps, is more than a little obsessed with Minecraft and Plants vs. Zombies, and enjoys going on fun outdoor adventures and baking biscuits and cakes. His favourite colour is blue.

D (formerly known as Bubby D)

D halloween witch boo at the zoo whipsnade

Born in August 2011, she is my fiesty four year old, a smiley little lady who can switch on her (very cute) frown if she doesn’t get what she wants! She’s obsessed with My Little Pony and Shopkins, loves going along to Stadium Theatre School where she gets to sing, dance and act to her heart’s content, and would happily stay in a playground all day if I’d let her.

Little B (formerly known as Pippin)

toddlebike 2 loving it (800x558)

Born in March 2014, she’s the littlest of us all but she has a very big smile – most of all for her brother and sister. She’s 2 years old now and very much into investigating EVERYTHING. She’s found her screech and she’s not afraid to use it. Nothing is safe, everything is chewable. Isn’t it?

The Other Half

peel the banana

The one that keeps me up to date with all the adult techno-geekery that I don’t necessarily have time to investigate myself. He’s a willing guinea pig for our baking experiments, fan of pies, and long-time putter upper with of my pushchair and baking equipment obsessions. And he also does a mean squashed banana dance…


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