Dry through the night – Lumi Potti review

As far as toilet training at night goes, I can’t really complain about Bubby D. Although she is two years younger than the Wee Man, they actually ended up attempting to achieve ‘dry through the night’ status around the same time – because although he left it a lot later than being generally accident free throughout the day, Bubby D insisted that the ‘no nappies’ rule she had decided on a week or two before her second birthday also applies to night-time. Which I totally wasn’t expecting.

And actually, it worked out pretty well.

Except for the fact that she can’t open doors by herself. Or turn on lights. Or climb up to the toilet.

So inevitably, when she needed the toilet in the night, that involved excited bouncing on or screaming for either myself or the Other Half, to give her a bit of a helping hand.

I tried putting a potty in her room, but she wasn’t keen on using it in the dark.

So then I got her a nightlight.

But she wasn’t too adept at holding the nightlight AND co-ordinating use of the potty at the same time.

In fact, she ended up using the nightlight to light her way into our room, so that she could do the excited screaming for help REALLY close up.

baby show lumi pottiThe Lumi Potti has changed all this. It is a potty, of good size and capacity, and one that Bubby D obviously finds comfortable as she happily sits on it for quite some time when I have observed her using it during the day – reading a book or playing with toys while she goes about her business. However, it has one vital difference in comparison with other potties –  a motion activated nightlight which helps Bubby D to find the potty and use it confidently at night time without needing the help of a parent.

And she does – something that is evidenced by a) the recent lack of night-time demands for assistance, and b) the evidence of use that’s sitting there waiting for us in the morning!

Something that I’m very, very pleased about given that Little B has now taken over the regular night waking of parents role.

And Bubby D is pleased too. She loves the fact that the potty has a nightlight, even when she doesn’t need the toilet. All she has to do is sit up in bed and the light comes on to reassure her that all is well, whatever the reason for waking.

lumi potti lit upI like it as well, for when I check in on them before going to bed. Where previously, I’d be fiddling with my phone, attempting to illuminate the room just enough to see they’re ok without causing so much disruption that I wake them up; now I’m able to activate the Lumi Potti just by standing in the doorway – and it gives just the right amount of light for me to see them sleeping happily.

The nightlight is removable, and battery operated so it could be carried round and used like a regular night light if you wanted to use it in that way. I have to say however that the range of the motion sensor is good enough that we’ve not had occasion to remove it from the potty so far – other than just prior to first use to install the batteries, which are still going strong.

So it may just be a little thing. But it’s made a big difference to us – and Bubby D is very proud that since she got the Lumi Potti she hasn’t had a single night-time accident.

Confidence, no soggy sheets and a better night’s sleep for just £23.99? It’s well worth the money, in our opinion!

lumi potti at night

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