Henri le Worm app review – food, fun and singing along

There’s a song stuck in my head, and I do kind of like it.

No wonder that it’s stuck in my head either, as I’ve been hearing it several times a day for the past few days now. It’s the song that Henri Le Worm launches into, once you’ve walked through his garden of various gastronomic delights and navigated the tunnel into his home.

henri le worm app garden

Something that Bubby D enjoys doing very much.

Since we first got the app, she’s learnt the name of a lot more vegetables, and discovered a new love of (virtual) digging.

The Wee Man is fairly obsessed with it too, asking lots of questions about why things are happening on each different screen that comes up as we navigate through the story, and demanding that we make pancakes on a fairly regular basis.

henri le worm app 2

Which is basically what the app is trying to achieve. It was created in collaboration with Raymond Blanc and his son Oliver, and aims to educate kids (and parents too) about food – not just in terms of making it but also where it comes from in the first place. The fact that the story is narrated by Simon Pegg is also a bonus for me – I do find that the sound effects and voices in a lot of apps aimed at children have me wanting to lob the iPad out of the window after a while but I have had a bit of a thing for Pegg ever since watching Spaced many years ago…

henri le worm croquettes recipeThere are some lovely recipes included as part of the app, and throughout the story there are opportunities to go to these and make some of the things that Henri and his friends are enjoying too. I must admit that we haven’t tried too many of them yet (some are things that my kids would simply refuse to eat) but the ricotta and spinach croquettes for example are a tasty option that I can get away with enticing them into trying. Plus, there is raspberry fool. Never mind the kids, I’ll eat the lot of that one myself!

The navigation through the app took the kids a little while to get used to, and with Bubby D liking particular pages there have been the odd squeals of frustration from time to time – but on the whole it is a well designed, well thought out app that has enough content and little mini games to keep them entertained for quite some time.

So it’s kind of lucky I like the songs really! Because I have the feeling we’ll be hearing them for a while yet.

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