Learning numbers

This term at school, the Wee Man is learning about multiplication – counting in multiples of two, five, and ten. He is fascinated by numbers, and talks about them constantly. As an adult, I think it’s easy to forget how massive the world of numbers can be. Numbers affect our lives in every way – from counting out money for shopping, to driving or catching a bus (of the four buses we could get into town, the Wee Man likes the number 20 best because it’s a double decker).

bus timetableAnd to make sure we catch the bus he wants, he’s learnt to decipher bus timetables and what they mean. However, unlike some bus stops which have a screen detailing which buses are due and when, our local bus stop remains in the dark ages and has just a lamppost with the timetables attached, and a seat.

So the Wee Man decided he’d quite like a watch, so he could figure out how long until the next bus. Which also meant we needed to learn how to tell the time.

I had a look around, and decided that getting an analogue watch would be best. Digital watches might be easier for the Wee Man to read and understand, but in the long run I think it’s beneficial for him to be able to understand clocks and watches of every kind. And I also want to get a watch that’s going to last a while, rather than disintegrating within a few days – the Wee Man isn’t exactly known for being gentle with things!

flik flak watchSomething like the Flik Flak Preschool Watch from The Watch Hut looks ideal – it’s robust enough to withstand a bit of bashing around, and it’s water resistant so if he forgets to take it off for a bath or swimming (or enthusiastically jumping in puddles!) it won’t be ruined. The bright yellow colour means it shouldn’t get lost too easily too.

The Wee Man likes the bright, bold watch face with clear and easy to read numbers. Plus it’s helpfully split into two halves, which has made teaching him the concept of statements like ‘it’s quarter TO three’ much easier as he can see where the distinction between ‘past’ and ‘to’ is very easily.

So now he knows exactly what time we need to be at the bus stop to catch his favourite bus.

Next step – find an old fashioned non-oyster card bus so that he can practice counting out money too!


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