Cutting out the cat fights – Stylfile Nipper Clipper review

Bubby D is very pleased with herself. She’s learnt a new skill.

Unfortunately, the cat is not so pleased about it – because the skill is ‘cat carrying’.

Sadly for our (rather lightweight compared to most) cat, she is now regularly picked up in a fairly rough manner, and transported around the front room by a grinning Bubby D.

You may wonder, why doesn’t the cat protest? Well, the answer is that she does, and that by her doing so, Bubby D has acquired another ‘skill’.

The somewhat worrying skill of ‘cat fighting’…

She has learned that if she doesn’t like something that I, the Other Half, the Wee Man – or basically whichever unlucky caregiver happens to have made a decision that she disagrees with really – has done, then she can get out her ‘claws’ and start swiping.

Not so good when she happens to be strapped to my front in her Ergo baby carrier, in close and unavoidable proximity to my face 🙁

And so, I need to cut her nails.

Except…it’s not quite that simple. Because she really isn’t keen on nail cutting, at all.

In fact, trying it is entirely likely to lead to quite a lot of cat fighting attempts. Which is a bad idea if there’s a pair of scissors perilously close by…

A vicious circle of bad ideas, really.

Luckily for me, the Other Half, and everyone else that annoys Bubby D (she’s just coming up to the terrible two’s, so that’s pretty much everyone a lot of the time) there is someone who is really good at ‘not bad ideas’ – and that’s Tom Pellereau. Even more lucky for me, I was invited down to Covent Garden today to hear all about his new invention the ‘Nipper Clipper’, straight from Tom and his business partner Lord Sugar themselves.

tom pellerau nipper clipperInspired by becoming a Dad himself (I met his 14 day old son too, super cute!) Tom decided to come up with an easy-to-use nail trimming solution – which consists of a ‘Nipper Clipper’ (a nail clipper which uses a scissor type action), a baby ‘S’ file, and a distraction app.

stylfile nipper clipper lord sugar tomSounds good in theory! So I took one home to see if I could cut those claws (on Bubby D, that is. I wouldn’t think it’s a good idea to use it on an actual cat…).

The Wee Man was immediately won over. We had the most peaceful nail shortening session we’ve had for a long time, and he was enthralled by the Timmy Tickle-Baby app. Bubby D wandered over to see what was going on, and soon became engrossed in the app as well (Lord Sugar said that there is a ‘serious, serious problem’ with children being ‘glued to these things’ and I have to say, I can kind of see where he’s coming from…although, Bubby D has learnt to say ‘strawberry’. Which is nice).

trying nipper clipperGluey problems aside, it seemed a pretty good nail cutting tactic all the same so I chanced a quick claw cutting session…and one fingernail down, she suddenly realised my sneaky distraction plan, turned into a slippery eel, and started trying to claw my face. She really is very attached to her long, sharp nails.


Well, that’s where the other handy function of the nipper clipper comes in – its got a little viewing window built in so you can see what you’re clipping. Pinning her down, I had no fear of accidentally snipping off the top of her finger, as I could clearly see what I was doing even though she wasn’t too keen on being de-clawed. Much quicker and easier than scissors, and all over in a couple of minutes. Sorry Bubby D, but I don’t like your long nails as much as you do…

So job done! And if I hadn’t insisted at 8 o’clock (an hour later than their usual bedtime) that they go to sleep, I’m sure they’d still be playing with Timmy Tickle-Baby now…

Tomorrow they can have another play, and I’ll breathe a big sigh of relief that my face is safe – for another few days, anyway 🙂


If you’d like to try out the Nipper Clipper for yourself, or treat your little one to a mini manicure, you can find Tom Pellereau and his Nipper Clippers hanging around tomorrow (Wednesday 19th June 2013) in a lovely Pop Up Shop6a Neals Yard, Covent Garden, WC2H 9DP


Disclosure - I was given a Nipper Clipper to take home and try out, but I was not 
required to write a review and more specifically not a positive review. All words 
are my own honest opinion.
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