Twisted berry trifle

berry trifleI do love a good trifle.

The Other Half and I have a long ongoing argument about the place of jelly in a trifle. I think trifle just isn’t trifle without it. But he (and apparently most people of New Zealand persuasion) think that jelly shouldn’t come anywhere near one!

This trifle has jelly.

But, it is a little bit twisted up from the normal ‘trifleyness’ you might expect, because the jelly is milky and the custard isn’t custard at all – it’s angel delight!

And this is how it’s made:

Bottom layer:

Raspberry sponge – Make a sponge mix, however you like to make it. (My personal preference is vanilla sponge, a la the Hummingbird Bakery, which is nice and light and balances well with the other ingredients in the trifle) Stick some raspberries in it. Crumble whilst still warm from the oven to form the bottom of the trifle, and stick it in the fridge to chill.

Jelly layer:

Make up one pack of raspberry jelly, using 1/4 pint hot water to dissolve the jelly and then topping up to 1/2 pint with cold water. Leave to set for around an hour. Pour in 1/2 pint of evaporated milk, then whisk for about a minute until well mixed. Pour into a round cake tin lined with foil and leave to set. Once set, turn out on top of the sponge layer.

Blueberries layer:

Use frozen bluberries, tip them straight on the jelly.

Angel delight layer:

Two packets of raspberry angel delight, mixed and allowed to set for around five minutes. Spoon on top of the blueberries. The frozenness of the blueberries helps the angel delight harden enough that it doesn’t seep down too far.

Whipped cream:

Self explanatory really – get cream, whip it.


Crumbled raspberry viennese biscuits, which you can find at Marks and Spencers among other places

Leave it to chill as long as you can stand. I usually can’t resist eating some pretty much straight away! Yummy 🙂

berry trifle top

mummy mishaps


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