Book review: I love you, Alfie Cub

With the arrival of Pippin now only a few weeks away, books that look at the topic of brothers and sisters – and the positive impact their arrival can have on family life – are a big favourite from both my perspective and that of the Wee Man.

While Bubby D seems to vaguely understand the concept of ‘Pippin in my tummy’ (she ‘tucked him in’ earlier and then gave ‘him’ a big hug), the Wee Man at 4 1/2 is very interested in talking about what it will be like when Pippin arrives and how he might be able to interact with his new little sibling.

alfie cub‘I Love You, Alfie Cub’ is perfect in this respect as it follows the story of an older brother who is greeted by new twin sisters one morning. Worried that his mother will run out of love, he goes in search of some, before realising that he has love to share with both his mother and his new little sisters.

The story is fairly short, just the right length to keep the Wee Man’s attention and get the point of the story across – that mothers NEVER run out of love. And that having new little brothers and sisters can be a lot of fun!

Each page contains only a few words, and lovely illustrations, and the Wee Man has enjoyed using his developing reading skills to help read the story and understand what is happening.

Whether there is a new arrival imminent to the family or not, this is a lovely book and I think it would be enjoyed by most young readers.


I Love You Alife Cub is written by Angela McAllister and illustrated by Daniel Howarth, and is available to buy on Amazon.

We received this book to review from Parragon as part of their Book Buddies scheme, however all words are my own honest opinion. 

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