Bugs in my ears

Bubby D has recently discovered the Wee Man’s medical set.

Waving around the various things it contains, she demanded to know what each one is for. Now, I know blood pressure monitors, stethoscopes, thermometers and syringes. But I’ve got no idea what you call the ‘looking into ears thingymajig’.

Luckily for me, Bubby D is not interested in names of the implements – just what they do. The stethoscope was dismissed as boring. The syringe proved entertaining only for a minute or two, until she discovered it doesn’t actually dispense medicine. The thermometer doesn’t actually work…so that’s no fun. But the ears thingymajig? That’s hilarious!

‘Check your ears mummy?’ she enquires.

My ears are checked, and she delightedly informs me ‘NO BUGS!’.

Good news. I do not fancy having bugs in my ears.

The Other Half has no bugs in his ears either. The Wee Man – no bugs. The long suffering cat, having been chased around the bedroom and pinned down to the bed is happily also bug free.

But bad news for Bubby D’s teddy bear.

His ears are FULL OF BUGS.

Happily, that medicine syringe did come in handy in the end. Good news for the bear after all…

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