I’ve never really thought much about freckles.

I have some, I’m not sure when they arrived and every so often I notice a new freckle here or there.

But if you are two, freckles are mysterious. And intriguing.

And Bubby D has three.

Three tiny, brown circles of obsession.

Two am, and a loud voice booms in my tired, drooping ear ‘LOOK. WECKLE! I’ve got THREE!’

Two oh one am, and the voice continues…


This is true. I do have freckles. Enough that yes, they could be classed as ‘lots and lots’. But I have to say, in general, it is not something that I think about, or care about. And especially not at silly o’clock am.

Apparently though, it’s right at the top of Bubby D’s early morning agenda.

And also on the 7am proper wake up time agenda.

And again during breakfast.

And while getting dressed.

And when brushing teeth.

Basically, freckles are just amazing ALL THE TIME.

And this morning, something hugely, hugely exciting happened.

She found ANOTHER ONE.


Bring out the trumpets! This is BIG, BIG news…




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