The wonderful thing about Tiggers

Having watched the Tigger Movie this evening, the Wee Man was in a very pensive mood.

‘Mummy’ he said ‘Tigger went to find his family, and he found the tree, but there was something missing’.

Having seen the Tigger Movie before, I was sure I knew what he was referring to.

‘Ah, yes, he couldn’t find any other Tiggers could he?’ I responded confidently.

‘No Mummy! That’s not what I meant!’ stated the Wee Man indignantly ‘I meant that the Tigger tree doesn’t have a toilet! So where does Tigger go if he needs a poo?’

Hmm. Not quite what I was expecting. So I decided to try the logical approach.

‘Well’ I said ‘Tigger is a bit like a cat, isn’t he? And where do cats go to the toilet?’.

The Wee Man thought for a second, and then looked concerned. ‘They go in a tray Mummy. And sometimes, if they’re naughty, on the carpet! But…the tree doesn’t have a tray, or a carpet’.

‘Er…yes, that’s true’ I admitted. (Foolishly, I had forgotten that our poorly cat currently has a litter tray inside and has not for the last week or two ventured into the great outdoors to do her business).

Then the Wee Man’s face lit up. ‘I know Mummy, I know the answer!’

Aha, I thought. He has remembered that cats DO go outside when they aren’t poorly.

But no.

‘There is a wonderful thing about Tiggers, Mummy’ beamed the Wee Man. ‘And now I know what it is! It is that they have NO BOTTOMS! And if they don’t have a bottom, then they don’t need to go to the toilet, and that means that’s why there is no Tigger toilet in the tree’.

Interesting logic, and perhaps not quite what A.A. Milne was getting at when he considered what the most wonderful thing about Tigger might be.

But hey, if the Wee Man is happy, then so am I.

And perhaps our cat could take some lessons from Tigger? That would truly be wonderful indeed…


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