Transition to a toddler bed

Bubby D slept in a big girls bed for the first time whilst we were on holiday in June, and since then she hasn’t been to keen on the cot.

To the point where we put her in it one night, and five minutes later she came wandering into the front room with a very pleased grin on her face.

I was concerned that she might hurt herself if she carried on scaling the cot sides to escape, so we decided that it was time for her to move into a toddler bed. And to be fair, she did last in the cot two months longer than her big brother! I do have friends who have still had their little ones in cots til the age of three, but mine seem to like being cot houdinis much earlier than that…

So the toddler bed it was. And another change too – we decided to have both kids in a bedroom together, with Bubby D’s bed angled underneath the Wee Man’s new mid-sleeper – meaning that the second bedroom could be used as a playroom and get some of the toys that are taking over the front room back out of the way.

transition to toddler bedThe last two weeks have been interesting, to say the least. And if you’re thinking about transitioning your toddler into a bed, or into a room with a sibling, here are some things to consider:

  • you need a lot of patience! Once they realise they can get in and out of bed whenever they want, they WILL do it. Over, and over, and over again.
  • it’s worth staggering bedtimes so one child goes to bed before the other. I was planning to get Bubby D to bed first as she’s younger, but it’s actually worked out better the other way round – she seems to like seeing that the Wee Man is sleeping happily. Trying to get both to sleep at the same time is a NIGHTMARE. They just wind each other up. Bad idea!
  • they probably will fall out at some point. Magic bumpers along the side of the bed work well to help them stay in, or alternatively just something soft on the floor to land on.
  • establishing a good bedtime wind-down routine will help get them in bed and keep them there. We do bath, followed by three made up stories and three books, and then talk about what we did today before saying goodnight. As long as we follow this routine Bubby D is generally quite good about heading off to bed.
  • let them choose some new bedding of their own. Bubby D was so excited to get her new bed and an Iggle Piggle duvet cover, she couldn’t wait to hop on the bed and snuggle up.
  • having a bed tent on the Wee Man’s bed has worked really well for us. It stops a lot of the potentially problematic interaction and gives him each of them their own space even though they are in the same room. Plus it makes it difficult for him to jump on top of Bubby D, should such a thing take his fancy (I’m pretty sure it would, at some point!)

So far it’s working reasonably well, and although bedtimes are taking a bit longer it’s going much better than I anticipated.

What was your toddler bed transition experience? If you’ve got any other tips about making room sharing and transition to a bed run more smoothly, do let me know!

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