D’s 5th birthday – a Fairy Butterfly Princess Rainbow Unicorn Pony party

Following on from last years Sweets and Treats, My Little Pony Princess Party, D’s demands for her fifth birthday were no less eclectic.

‘This year, I would like a Fairy Butterfly Princess Rainbow Unicorn Pony party please’ she announced.

So…ok then! That’s not tricky at all… well actually, it isn’t as bad as it sounds as most of those things are mythical and magical – so we started of with that kind of concept and moved on from there. And this is where we ended up:

The Party Dress

First things first, a birthday girl needs an appropriate outfit to wear – D designed her own bespoke dress for the day and the very lovely PrincessAndTheFrock made it into a reality for her. It has a rainbow skirt, a unicorn top, and butterfly wings. She was absolutely over the moon when it arrived!

D 5 party the dress

D 5 party unicorn butterfly princess dress

D 5 party w sneaky s

Fairy Gardens

First off, making Fairy Gardens. This involved getting a load of 14cm plant pot saucers, a roll of turf, some little flower thingies (pretty sure they are called violas) and a lot of random decorations including pink, clear and blue plastic jewels, miniature picket fences, cocktail umbrellas, small lengths of bamboo, pebbles, butterflies on wire, miniature lampposts and bridges, shells, tiny toadstools and of course some fairies to live in the garden too. We prepared the turf and the violas in advance and then left the kids to get crafty with their decorations. make your own fairy garden birthday party

Butterfly Wings

I do like a browse through the Baker Ross catalogue, and whilst I was perusing the pages I found that they sell cardboard colour in wings. Perfect for being a butterfly – so I bought some of those and some stick on jewels and felt tip pens and let the kids loose on them. Butterfly – sorted!

D 5 party busy wing making

Party Princess

Then came the princess bit. I hadn’t really come up with an idea for that, and then Captain Fantastic contacted us and asked if we’d be interested in a real life Princess coming along to make D’s day extra magical. So I asked her if she’d like a Princess to come to her party and of course, she was very excited about that idea! I think everyone really enjoyed it, even the adults. I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun doing the hokey cokey…

D 5 party captain fantastic mallet fun

Rainbows and Unicorns

After all that activity it was time to sit down – and some of the kids decided that the giant inflatable unicorn we had to welcome guests at the door was the sitting place to be. It’s actually meant to be a pool lounger or something but it was perfect for three kids to pretend to be unicorn riders.

D party the giant unicorn

Several unicorn rides later, it was time for the birthday tea – and there was a butterfly of sandwiches (with some fairy bread thrown in for good measure), fruity fairy wands, ‘unicorn farts’ (rainbow meringues) and rainbow jelly, alongside some slightly less magical chicken dippers, cocktail sausages and crisps.

D 5 birthday sandwich butterfly

D 5 birthday rainbow jelly

D 5 birthday watermelon wands

Finally of course, the best way to finish a party is with cake… and although D hadn’t specifically said she wanted ‘sweets’ in the title of her party (unlike last year) she did announce she wanted a ‘sweetie cake’.

rainbow sweetiecake birthday



Happily, as it turns out there is a fabulous local company called SweetieCake which makes cakes using nothing but sweets. I asked if it might be possible to have a rainbow sweetie cake and it turns out that is entirely possible, and whats more it looked absolutely amazing. D was so, so pleased with it that she fell asleep hugging it after we picked it up, and of course the great thing about the fact that it was made of sweets and not actual cake is that it could be hugged with absolutely no problem at all – it still looked just as awesome after having a lot of love from the kids!

rainbow sweetie cake unicorn cupcakes

I put that on a top tier of two cake stands, and then to go underneath I baked unicorn and rainbow cupcakes.

Then each guest was given an empty sweet cone to go with their rainbow party boxes, and – once D had blown out her candles – invited to demolish the sweetie cake and fill their sweet cone, topping it off with a cupcake to take home with them.

D 5 party hello cupcake

D 5 party demolishing sweetie cake

D 5 party rainbow party boxes

My Little Pony Party

Oh, and the Pony bit? Well by that point I was a bit ideas-exhausted, so she wore her Rainbow Dash hairband and a My Little Pony Birthday Girl rosette from Sainsburys.



And as she said, at the end of the day ‘Mummy, my party was so, so lovely, I really really loved it’.

I’m wondering what she’ll come up with next year now.

Birthday D with cake


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