#18goals – the ridiculously late update


Oh yes, that was three months ago now.

Somehow I’ve lost three months – I mean, I do actually know how it happened. Rearranging your entire life tends to have that kind of effect.

Anyway, back when things weren’t a whirlwind of chaos (soon to be downgraded to minor gale, or something, I very much hope) I had a list of goals. 18 of them, to be achieved throughout 2018.

Here’s how that all panned out:


1.Sort out your [my] shit – technically I didn’t achieve this by the end of 2018 BUT in literal and figurative terms, I am now spectacularly and with fanfare ALMOST ABSOLUTELY THERE.

: cannons fire in triumph :

2. Drink and review the alphabet – I did drinking, I lost track of where I got to. A good excuse to start again I think. I’ve been acquiring vodka and gin for the journey.

3. Check emails at least weekly and actually respond to them – : proud face : yes I did it. Pretty much. Enough to be pleased and smug about it, anyway.

4. Go to an underground doom metal gig – so many gigs, so much fun. So many people conga-ing around in Christmas themed attire. 2019 promises more of the same.

5. Pet an animal I’ve never seen before in real life – I petted a lot of cats, and some dogs, and I also found a bug in my raspberries.

6. Call the ‘how am I driving’ number – I now have a whole catalogue of numbers to call, and an irrational level of excitement every time I spot a new one.

7. Stop spending money – I have stopped spending money on random frivolities. Unfortunately, moving house and buying a new car has necessitated spending QUITE A LOT of money. But that wasn’t in 2018 so I’m counting this one as ACHIEVED.

8. Paint a painting – turns out I can’t paint in my sleep. Didn’t happen. Will do one day.

9. Perfect a regional accent – Nope. I am imperfect. The end. Still.

10. Travel on every tube line, end to end – aaahhh this should have been possible. But, given that I’ve just assessed my free time availability for 2019 and it currently makes no appearance until mid-July, I can kind of see why it wasn’t.

11. Grow the board games club – it’s still going, it’s moved, it’s bigger, it’s better… FRIENDS, GAMES, ALL THE GOOD THINGS – thank you to everyone who has helped this to happen!

12. Do more swimming – I’m swimming again, and my arms haven’t fallen off. This bodes well for more swimming in the imminent future.

13. Recreate famous photos – I think I’m only suited for taking photos of random architecture, and bins.

14. Eat differently – Nepalese food came my way courtesy of a friend.

15. Play Carcassonne IN Carcassonne – yep, come on 2019 and your French trippiness.

16. Appear on the BBC – apparently I wasn’t interesting in 2018. Maybe in 2019 I’ll do something newsworthy. Not too worried if I don’t.

17. Talk more in meetings – CAN’T SHUT ME UP

18. Catch a fish, cook it and eat it – watch this watery space.

So there we have it. I did some stuff, I didn’t do some other stuff.

2019 promises a whole new list of things to achieve. Bigger and better than ever before. Or maybe around the same size, who knows. Certainly not me at this point, suppose I’d better get on with collating it.


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