Fortune depends on the tone of your voice

Mid July is sponsored by extreme irritation, thanks to bananas, wonky donkeys, and irritating beeping noises. Basically, just stay away from me. I need a cave.

In other, less irritating news, this is the stuff, jam and radiators:


I have been introduced to Brandon Sanderson, in the form of Steelheart, Mitosis, Firefight and Calamity. Those are just four of the many books he has written, and if they’re anything to go by I am going to enjoy reading the rest of them too. Sadly they don’t come as part of my kindle unlimited subscription, which means my wallet is a bit sad about the whole newly discovered author love… but it happens. I can read instead of eat. Words will feed my soul.


Glow has happened. Series 2 was every bit as awesome as the first one. Lots of retro 80’s love, lots of random wrestling, lots of crimped hair and lycra. Now I’ve got Happy! filling my screen, which is a totally different kind of thing, but still… I’m enjoying it.


Ice cream cone cupcakes are a thing. I know this, because I made some.


Lately, I’ve often been in disguise. Wigs have been worn. Emergency moustaches are on standby.


See above. Wonky donkey. Sometimes it’s a good song, at the moment it’s very much not. Someone take away the pain and perhaps I’ll come round to enjoying it again.


It’s been all about the D&D this week, with Teazel the drow bard having a whole lot of fun with some goblins, whilst regretfully avoiding setting giant spiders loose. Responsibility sucks sometimes. Still, there’s always next time.

And lastly…

Tomorrow I’ll be Star Trekkin, across the universe. Not with Captain Kirk though. Who knows where this might end up.

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