Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off?

This week has been a mashup of fun and games, drunkenness and pain. Some of these things have inspired the others.


Having now successfully found my Bushcraft and Survival magazine, reading of that has happened. I’ve also been reading a lot about epidemiology, urbanism, and the psychology of lying. Not all at the same time, or for interrelated purposes.


Daredevil, The Punisher, Battle Royale, The Living Dead, The Haunting of Hill House… there has been more watching this week due to sofa sitting with friends and duvet nesting at home.


I quite possibly made a fool of myself on Thursday night. Since I have no idea what I did due to having no memory of it whatsoever, I can neither confirm or deny this.


A zombie blood spattered top and a blue and grey wig were my items of choice this week.


Thunder by Imagine Dragons is the current favourite ‘car song’. It’s not really my kind of thing and yet somehow is. Maybe I have song stockholm syndrome.


Three games of Pandemic later, I finally remembered all the rules. I enjoy playing Pandemic, it’s even better when it’s played correctly. Also I played Dead of Winter, which I still can’t remember all the rules for and probably won’t for a week or two until I get my head around them again.

And lastly…

Here comes my last week of relative freedom before solo parenting mode kicks in. Also WHO TURNED THE SUN OFF? Not happy about that. Especially when I have no idea where all my winter gear is. Next week – pretensions of caterpillarism and excesses of blanket forts.

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