Remember DECEMBER – it’s the final countdown #18goals

December has reared it’s head, bringing a 31 day end period to all my myriad of goals. In many cases, this is a scary and confusing thing, since the year has somehow disappeared without me noticing much. In another way its awesome because I now have SO MUCH AWESOME to cram into the space of four weeks to feel like I actually achieved something. Of course I have. It was never all going to happen, well, maybe I thought it might in January but those are the kind of feelings that Winter perpetuates.

Here cometh the run down of all things:

1.Sort out your [my] shit – I went in the loft. My shit shifting dreams have been shattered. I’m just gonna replace the hatch and pretend it doesn’t exist… that’s ok, I think?

2. Drink and review the alphabet – obviously Christmas is going to be drunken, and expensive. I think I need to find a good vodka and gin bar and just spend a couple of days there. Up to H… only another 18 letters to go…

3. Check emails at least weekly and actually respond to them – I got back on the internet emaily wagon and I’ve been good. Mostly. Also I’ve just started deleting a lot of stuff that basically means nothing to me.

4. Go to an underground doom metal gig – Conan occurred on December 1st and it was AWESOME. Lawnmower Deth is creeping up in two weeks. Thus ends my metal for the year.

5. Pet an animal I’ve never seen before in real life – I’ve made up an animal, and I’m working on creating it. When I become an immortal vampire, my dedicated mission will be the eventual existence of a superb spider monkey bat of ultimate dreams. Until then, I declare this aim somewhat null and void.

6. Call the ‘how am I driving’ number – I saw another van, with another number. I haven’t phoned it yet… but the photograph is ready and waiting for my next inspired telephone conversation moment.

7. Stop spending money – I stopped for a month. Now it’s December, and Christmas preparation has slapped me in the face. However, I feel I have done sensible budgeting in the sense that I’ve decided to hate everyone and buy no presents…

OK not really. But I have tried to sensibly consider what to buy and how much to spend, and all that responsible money jazz.

8. Paint a painting – This should be achievable in December, as long as I can paint in my sleep.

9. Perfect a regional accent – Nope. I am imperfect. The end.

10. Travel on every tube line, end to end – currently trying to get permission to work from the tube. Then this might happen.

11. Grow the board games club – Christmas gaming occurs next week. Hopefully the gaming year will end with a figurative bang, festivity and a general feeling of wellbeing. Plans are afoot for next year. Carry on clubbing!

12. Do more swimming – I’m back to the water next week. Nowhere near achieving this goal, but to be honest just being back in the pool will feel good to me.

13. Recreate famous photos – I’m just not cut out for celebrity in any form. I do have to take a Christmas photo of myself later, perhaps that’ll do.

14. Eat differently – Mod Pizza has featured heavily on the menu, and it’s my new favourite food place. Not exactly different in the scheme of all the food in the world. But different for my usual eating habits. Or at least it was, but it won’t be now 🙂

15. Play Carcassonne IN Carcassonne – busy planning trips for next year. This’ll be one of them.

16. Appear on the BBC – no newsworthy luck. One day…

17. Talk more in meetings – today was a talky day. Tomorrow might be too. Wednesday looks less hopeful.

18. Catch a fish, cook it and eat it – the fishing vessel of choice has been selected. Now I just need to get thee to the sea. Perhaps a post Christmas shivery sail awaits.

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