September for the win #18goals

1.Sort out your [my] shit – the shit has reached very acceptable levels. Somehow the residual shit keeps breeding, but I’m slowly beating it back. I reckon I’m about 85% there. Just no-one look in the loft, yeah?

2. Drink and review the alphabet – this has somewhat stalled. Drinking HAS occurred, it just hasn’t been particularly alphabetical. In fact it’s mainly involved generic vodka, sambucca, and possibly a bit of gin. I will try harder next month.

3. Check emails at least weekly and actually respond to them – yeeeeahhh… kind of. I’ve been a bit slack on the emails lately, although not the work ones so I think that’s ok.

4. Go to an underground doom metal gig – no more in September, but I have Lawnmower Deth and Conan quickly creeping up.

5. Pet an animal I’ve never seen before in real life – I’m beginning to think I’ve seen all pettable animals, ever.

6. Call the ‘how am I driving’ number – GREAT SUCCESS! Having decided that this is an entirely myth based proposition, my faith in the how am I driving number was restored with not just one, but FOUR different number sightings. Of which I called one, and reported my pleasure at the skill of the driver involved. I should probably also point out this was whilst I was working on 2. above, which means I forgot to record it and may also have been slightly incoherent. But everything I said incoherently was friendly and good, so I think it’s ok.

7. Stop spending money – Hen Do in Amsterdam in a couple of days = ALL THE MONEYS.

8. Paint a painting – I’ve bought paint and a canvas. I feel that is a good start.

9. Perfect a regional accent – I can’t even sort out my own accent :'(

10. Travel on every tube line, end to end – still to come. Joyous November.

11. Grow the board games club – it is BIG. It is HAPPENING. It is scary in a good but gibbery way.

12. Do more swimming – Banned. So so banned. No swimming. Just sitting in water. Not even a bit of current to push me along and make me feel like I’m moving.

13. Recreate famous photos – still to come. Maybe. I don’t know about anything famous, ever.

14. Eat differently – this month has mostly featured pineapple. It’s not different but it IS tasty.

15. Play Carcassonne IN Carcassonne – I’ve played it a few times in Romford. That’ll have to do for now.

16. Appear on the BBC – the day I had the opportunity for this I wasn’t in the right place at the right time. Such is life, although I will endeavour for it not to be life next time.

17. Talk more in meetings – DON’T STOP ME NOW

18. Catch a fish, cook it and eat it – I found a fishery. The process seems complicated. Why don’t I live in Norway.

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