Think of the sea as you murder me

The days have all merged into one big day of STUFF.

Stuff that needs doing and stuff that needs sorting and stuff that is hiding around the back of the sofa (which is no longer a couch) and just waiting for the opportune moment to jump on top of all the other stuff and create a STUFF AVALANCHE.

I don’t think I can even get one of those flashy rescue lights so someone will dive in and save me.

So inevitably, my thoughts turn to other things, like micro pigs (somewhat misleading name, don’t get them confused with micro chips which are actually normal size chips for cooking in a microwave, not small sized chips to be owned for their cuteness value). Actually, why has no one made micro micro chips?

Also I’ve rediscovered a love of taramasalata, which seems to have changed it’s name simply to tarama. A reflection of the modern way of shortened things, in order to fit more of the things (AND STUFF) into life.

Everything is new, some things are shiny, some things are old but new to me.

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