#LittleLoves – Snow White, Stitch, and building bug out bags

This week has been one of those weeks that are awesome, tiring, and yet pretty much perfect. Little B had her long awaited Minnie Mouse birthday party on the Sunday, and then Monday was a day off for me… a day to get packed because on Tuesday we were off to Disneyland Paris!

Here’s what we got up to during the whole week:


I’ve gone for geeking out this week, and I’ve been reading the Dungeons and Dragons players handbook, and ‘Build the perfect bug out bag‘. Not exactly the usual holiday reading but I enjoy it and that’s the point, isn’t it?

And I now have a new motto: ‘Build it, they are coming’…


As usual, I watched The Walking Dead. I’ve also caught up on Designated Survivor… well, kind of. In the sense it was on, and I glanced at it every now and then. I think I need to watch it again though.

Being at Disneyland Paris, the main thing I have been watching is the new 25th anniversary parade. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I did love the previous parade, but the new one is just as good – I absolutely loved it! And so did Little B, of course 🙂

disneyland paris parade lion king


I got out my sewing machine and made myself a Snow White hoody to take to Disneyland with me. I had an idea in my head of how I wanted it to look and it actually turned out pretty well 🙂

disneyland pariis snow white hoodie


Well, I wore my Snow White hoody of course. But also my Stitch hoody, because I MET STITCH.  And he was awesome!

meeting stitch at disneyland paris


The stereo in my car met a grisly demise thanks to small children and an affinity for poking coins into random inaccessible slots. So the only stuff I could listen to whilst driving to the Paris area was the music on my phone. Which consists of a random selection of stuff. Muse ‘Feeling Good’ and ‘More Than Words’ featured regularly, as well as ‘It’s Raining Taco’s’, the song of choice for Little B this week.

And lastly…

It’s all back to reality now…well, at least for a couple of days and then there is Easter holiday fun planned!

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