Bouncing, baking and Birthmarked #LittleLoves

This week has been filled with stuff, good and bad. Here’s what’s been happening:


I read the Birthmarked trilogy by Caragh M. O’Brien. It’s dystopian fiction, so I waas always going to enjoy that aspect of it – but by the third book I wasn’t enjoying it so much. The trilogy definitely needs to be read as such – if you picked up the second or third book and hadn’t read the first the stories wouldn’t make so much sense in their own right. That’s not to say they weren’t good…I just felt the momentum was lost a bit and the characters became less real by the time I’d finished the third book.


I got to go and see Beauty and the Beast at the cinema, along with friends, wine, popcorn and pepsi. This is a good combination – probably the BEST combination I could have wished for. I still think the Beast is actually better than Prince Adam, and I kind of weirdly prefer Gaston even though he’s a total idiot… or maybe that’s due to the wine? Either way it was a good night.

I’ve also started the new series of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt which is as always entertaining. I just love the randomness.

And I’m all caught up on Dr. Who, thanks to a night of babysitting kids who actually sleep, woohoo.

TV aside, I also got to watch the kids do a lot of bouncing, climbing, crawling, and general exciting exercise at the Waltham Forest Feelgood Centre, which – it turns out – has a very good trampoline, soft play and climbing park.


It was a friend’s birthday this week, so I got to try my hand at a classic cake, the victoria sponge – filled with a very unhealthy buttercream and fresh raspberries. I did have a three year old helped so it wasn’t as uniform as it could have been but it still looked good (even after I’d squashed it a bit on the tube in transit) and apparently it also tasted delicious. So overall, WIN.


My lovely sister got me the True Blood t-shirt that I’ve been after for my birthday, so I’ve been wearing it quite a lot… and there is photo evidence of it from the BlogOn launch party, where I teamed it with my favourite faithful jacket and a glass of prosecco.


Quite a lot of Blink 182. I heard they are touring, so then of course I wanted to listen to their music and it kind of got stuck in a big loop, a bit like the time I only had the All The Small Things single as my entire music collection in the car, and a busted radio so no random DJ choices on offer either. Except this week I got to listen to What’s My Age Again and I Miss You as well.

And lastly…

There has been a lot of drinking wine this week. I like wine, and prosecco, and in fact most alcohol as long as it isn’t aftershock, peach shnapps or malibu. But I think this coming week will need to involve less wine. Maybe.

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