The Cortinas, various different lies, and retro cake making #littleloves

it’s been back to reality this week, with no holidays and just work work work. By the end of it I was ready to just pass out for a few days, and as it turns out that’s not just because working for a week is a bit of a shock to the system after all the fun times lately, but also because my thyroid levels are low and I’ve gone all folate-insufficient-anaemic too. So some new medication, and a higher level of thyroxine… and hopefully next week I’ll be back to having a bit of energy again. Hooray for modern medicine.

Oh and also did I mention it was my birthday on Monday? So ok. Maybe things were a little bit more special than usual…

Despite the wanting to pass out in a corner, it was still a busy week:


I’ve actually read a few things this week – having put a load of books onto my kindle for our holiday in Malta, I got back into reading more than I have been.

My Sister and Other Liars is the book I read on the plane – well, one of them, anyway – and it is about therapy, family relationships, anorexia and abuse. It didn’t go the way I thought it might at the beginning and that’s a good thing, the story drew me in and explored a lot of issues with an ending that brought everything together.


The only thing I’ve really watched is Big Little Lies, on NowTV. Alexander Skarsgård is in it, as well as the slightly less appealing (to me) Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman (they’re still good though), so that was as good a reason as any to watch it. As it happens it was quite enjoyable, aesthetically and storyline-wise, and I was kept guessing right up to the last episode as to WHAT THE HELL IS ACTUALLY GOING ON? But, anyway, #teameric

Also, I watched Seb skydive! Admittedly not out of an aeroplane, but instead inside a big wind tunnel at iFly in Milton Keynes. It looked awesome, I am very jealous. He very much wants to go again.


For some reason, people with birthdays are required to bring cake to the office for people to eat. So I made lemon and poppyseed muffins, and a very retro chocolate swiss roll to fulfil my birthday obligations.

It’s been a long time since I made swiss roll and I always have it in my head that its a complicated and difficult thing, but actually it really isn’t and I very much enjoyed stuffing my face with a slice of it.

Happy it’s my birthday, colleagues. Come and get it…

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The birthday fairy gave me an Apple Watch for managing to last another year so I’ve been wearing that joyfully, fiddling with all the settings and watching Mickey Mouse gaily inform me of the time whenever I move my wrist.

I do believe Mickey is telling me it’s time to go home

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I’ve been using my amazon music subscription to explore a bit more this week, and I’ve ended up listening to The Cortinas, and Their Dogs Were Astronauts, mainly. As well as a lot of retro Pulp (but that happens pretty much every week).

And lastly…

Next week has a bank holiday, so I can go all haywire and mixed up again, ready to start May. Which I’m hopeful will be a very wonderful month 🙂

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