reading rubbish, billionaire Batmen and making a fool of myself #littleloves

Half term is always required to be a bit of a crazy busy week – and
just like usual this half term fit the bill completely.


Despite the efforts of the kids, I did actually manage to do some
reading. Firstly a very random erotic fiction novel about hitmen and a
wannabe hitgirl (best not to ask…) and then The Gender Game, by Bella Forrest.
This is much more my usual type of book, and definitely required a bit
more brain power than the aforementioned offering. Actually there are
six books in the series, with a seventh to be added in July. The
premise is that the world ‘after the fall’ has been split into two
societies separated by a toxic river, one matriarchal and one
patriarchal. And of course not everyone is happy about it… I was happy
reading it though.


I started watching The Handmaid’s Tale on 4, and having read and very
much enjoyed the book I am extremely glad that it has been – so far –
very well done as a TV series. Even with a slapping cameo from
Margaret Attwood included! Looking forward to watching the future
episodes (and that’s all a bit weird, I have to WAIT A WEEK for each


Cupcakes were made. And then eaten.

Also I made a fool of myself pretending to be a monkey at Whipsnade Zoo. You’re welcome, kids 🙂


Nothing of note. Basically whatever was clean. I was Stitch quite a lot as usual.


A lot of squealing from the kids. And the Lego Batman song ‘ladies, it’s ok if you stare… (why?) …CAUSE I’M A BILLIONAIREEEE’.

I’m not sure the kids got all the reasons why it was funny but I certainly appreciated it and they enjoyed it too, just because, so win win.

And lastly…

I have no brain power to think of anything else. Someone send me some spoons.

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