Ice cream cookies, new glasses and a day back at work #LittleLoves

This is only the second time this year I’ve actually managed to sit down and write about my #LittleLoves. Time has been passing so quickly (and I’ve been sleeping a lot) but now I have more energy, hopefully it will become a more regular thing.

So this is more of a summary of the last month…or six weeks?… rather than the last week…


I’ve been struggling to read much over the past few weeks because I usually end up snoring on top of my kindle. Even the most draw-you-in, unputdownable books that would normally have me up til the early hours reading til the end haven’t been able to work their usual magic. That said, I have managed to get through this months Kindle First book, which for me is Adam Croft’s ‘Only The Truth‘, a suspense novel about a husband who wakes up to find his wife dead in his motel bathroom…and no idea how she got there. I enjoyed it overall, although there were points where I had to suspend my disbelief when slightly more incredulous behaviour occurred. I have no frame of reference – luckily – for how I’d behave if I were in that situation, so I went with the flow and read on, even though I wasn’t quite convinced by what was happening. It IS easy reading, anyway, and that’s how I managed to read it all!

Now I’m halfway through ‘The Wave At Hanging Rock’ by Gregg Dunnett, which is keeping me intrigued. Maybe I’ll have finished it by next week 🙂


One advantage of being cooped up indoors is that I have managed to watch the entirety of Breaking Bad – all five seasons of it. I’d never previously managed to get into it (whilst the Other Half was watching it) as its the kind of show where a bit of concentration is needed to get to know the characters and understand how the storyline is unfolding. Now I’ve had that time to just lie gormlessly on the sofa with just about enough energy to watch my way through several episodes a day (thank you, hive induced insomnia) I can see why it’s had such great reviews – I found myself getting involved, caught up in the lives of the characters and genuinely regretful when the final episode came to a spectacular close.

Now I’m onto rewatching every single episode of the Walking Dead. And there are new episodes available now too!


D got a Shopkins magazine that had an appealing, low-energy-required dessert making idea in it – and so we set about making candy ice cream sandwiches when she had her friend around for tea. It basically involved sandwiching a dollop of vanilla ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies, then rolling the whole thing in some crushed up chocolatey bits. Incredibly easy and also incredibly tasty.

Woreeyedoo glasses blue closeup

My new glasses, from eyedoo. They’re bright blue and a lovely shape, and the correct prescription which is always a bonus – the kids have already tried them on but luckily they are more robust than my previous glasses which are sadly no more.


I finally got round to attaching ‘Gecko’ (my Amazon Echo) to my Amazon Music account, so I’ve been blasting out a whole range of music to accompany my sorting out of life. Guns n Roses, Belle and Sebastian, Suede, Queen, The Divine Comedy and Muse have all featured heavily, interspersed with a bit of the Moana soundtrack because apparently my music is ‘boring’. Next week maybe I’ll introduce something from this decade…

And lastly…

I started back at work, with a half day in the office to get back into the swing of things. I was kind of nervous, things move on quickly and I also don’t like being questioned a lot but actually it was fine. My vimto was even still in the fridge ready and waiting. Next week I start back properly with a phased return, so the need to stay awake and focused ramps up a bit.

It will be fine. It will all be fine.

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