#LittleLoves – a dorothy dress, playdough, and party planning

Things are getting better – it’s only two weeks since I last joined in with #LittleLoves. And it’s been a busy two weeks for everyone in the family, or at least it feels that way. We are all slowly easing back into a more normal kind of routine, now that I’m starting back at work and keeping more sociable hours. Here’s what we’ve been up to:


I finished ‘The Wave At Hanging Rock’ by Gregg Dunnett, which actually turned out to be really good. It has twists that are unexpected (although by the end I did have an idea of what was going to happen, but I do like to spend time analysing and considering the likely outcomes – it’s nice to be right!).

Then I moved on to Daughters of the Dragon by William Andrews a really interesting work of fiction based on the history of the Japanese occupation of Korea in World War II. I love discovering history in this way, and it got me investigating further once I’d finished reading the fictional story.

And finally I re-read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, which I like to indulge in again every so often – every time I read it, I am amazed (and kind of alarmed) about how the world seems to be heading that way, interpretively at least.


TV hasn’t featured too heavily in my life the last couple of weeks – now I have a bit more energy I’m back to filling my evenings with other entertainment.

I have watched the first two episodes of The Replacement on BBC, which is shaping up to be interesting. I like the fact that I’m not really sure where it’s going.

I’ve also started watching Broadchurch, in the hope it will be better than the previous series which was nowhere near as good as the first.

And I’ve also been keeping up to date with The Big Bang Theory and the Walking Dead.

Ok, maybe I have watched a bit of TV after all.


Little B ran out of playdough in the set that D got her for Christmas, and I was all set to have to trawl to the shops and buy some until I remembered that you can actually make playdough at home. Of course I mused this out loud, and Little B was immediately set on making some RIGHT NOW… so after a brief trip to the shops anyway to get some salt (we only have a rock salt grinder and getting a cup or two of finely ground salt out of that wasn’t an option) we got making. It was actually surprisingly easy! I got some airtight tubs to store it in too, and used my Wilton food colouring kit to give it a really vibrant colour – the girls were very excited to see it all come together and even more excited to get playing with it. We will definitely be making playdough again.

Homemade playdough – actually surprisingly easy and far less messy than I thought it would be!

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I also made D a dorothy dress for World Book Day, which turned out much better than I was expecting.


I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a stitch to wear…

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The very awesome Stitch hoodie that I got from TruffleShuffle. The kids like me to sing to them in a Stitch voice whilst I’m wearing it, which is fun (and probably also a really bad impression of Stitch, since I’m not good at that kind of thing).


D makes Rainbows Promise


There’s been a lot of listening – but the best bit was hearing D finally get to make her Rainbows promise. She was really, really nervous about it but it all went well and she is now a fully fledged member of the pack, or whatever groups of Rainbows are called.

And lastly…

Work has been going ok, although the commute is energy sapping. Sorting out the house is also slowly progressing. And the countdown to Little B’s birthday is ON.

16 sleeps…


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