#littleloves – Guardians of the Galaxy 2, psychopaths and enchanted arms

Another week has passed, inexplicably. How is it May already? And when can I go on holiday again? These are questions I have been asking myself, particularly on Tuesday which signified the start of the working week after a bank holiday Monday which once again confused the hell out of me for every single day following it. I’m pretty sure it’s Friday now, isn’t it?


I finished reading The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson, and am now assessing which of my acquaintances might actually fit the profile. Oh, and of course I’ve pondered whether I’m a psychopath myself. (The book says that by definition, if you become anxious whilst reading it because you recognise traits mentioned within yourself, then you are in fact not a psychopath due to that very anxiousness. I’m wondering if the same logic applies to ‘curious’ because I wouldn’t say I was anxious about it…). Anyway, that’s the whole point of the book really. How can you tell who is a psychopath and who isn’t? Read it, and maybe you’ll find out [if you are one].


Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was a rare treat because a) I watched it in adult company and b) it was entirely suited to my sense of humour. I prefer it to the first one (maybe because I can’t remember it so well… a good excuse to rewatch it) and if my favourite couple of lines weren’t rude I would write them here. Definitely glad I didn’t take the kids to see it anyway. It would have resulted in endless questions.

I’ve also started watching 13 Reasons Why to see what all the hype is about. So far it’s a painful reminder of what being a teenager actually involves. I guess that’s kind of the point.


I haven’t made much this week, other than macaroni cheese which was requested by the kids, then immediately rejected by the kids as being ‘too pasta-ey’ or ‘not enough hammy’ or just generally ‘I don’t want that’. This is why making things sucks sometimes.


Technically this was last week, but I now have a Spoonpaws adorning my arm. I didn’t tell my family I was going to get the Spoonpaws, and it wasn’t til this week that it was noticed.

‘Will that cat come off your arm?’ asked Seb.

‘It’s there forever’ I replied.

‘Whoa, you got your arm enchanted!’

So that’s now my story and I’m sticking to it.

Spoonpaws Tattoo


The new release from Royal Blood, which has now joined my list of ‘songs I can’t leave the car for’.

And lastly…

How do you make key lime pie? Because I want some.

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