Time travel, ice cream cakes and a healthy dose of dragons #littleloves

In a week of sun, clouds and incredibly epic thunderstorms, lots of stuff has been going on:


I found a nice two part novel series to read this week –  Extracted, and Executed, by R.R. Haywood are books one and two of what is apparently a trilogy, although there doesn’t seem to be a third book…I’m guessing that’s because the second of these two was only published last month. Hurry up and write the third please! Because if it’s anything like these two I will definitely enjoy it – they’re themed around the premise of an eccentric genius who develops a time machine, visits the the future, everything is fine, then visits the future again and the world has ended in grand apocalyptic fashion. So he has to enlist the assistance of awesome people from throughout history to try and set things to rights. As with anything involving time travel, and awesome people, things aren’t exactly smooth sailing. Which is why the story is entertaining and kept me reading even when I should have been doing other stuff, like walking, or sleeping, or eating.


Just like a fairly significant proportion of the population – or so it seems – I tuned into Game of Thrones on Monday evening. There were dragons. There was violence. There were people forming sneaky little plans to overthrow each other and rule the world. Basically, as always, it was formidably good.


D had a beach party themed night at Rainbows for the final meeting before they break for the summer, and she wanted something ice cream based to take along with her. I wasn’t convinced taking ice cream was a great idea, since it’s kind of melty… so we went with the next best thing, which was making ice cream cone cakes. Just like real ice cream, they didn’t last very long…

Ready to party! #beach #littlebird #icecream #cupcakestand #conecakes #hundredsandthousands

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My swing style dress from Joe Browns made an appearance (and so, unusually, did my legs) just because I forgot I had it and I wanted to wear it. I think I will wear it more often, I’d forgotten how nice and floaty it is.


The best thing I’ve heard this week was the aforementioned epic thunderstorm. There aren’t many things I’d willingly give up sleep for, but this was one of them – I’d just settled in bed for a reasonably early night, and then…. FLASH! BOOOOM!!

And that carried on until about 11.30, at which point I did pass out.

And then I woke up abruptly again at 2.30 when an even louder, spectacular BOOM FLASH combo announced itself directly over the house.

Plus there was torrential rain.

And lastly…

I’d just like to mention how delicious rhubarb gin is.

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