You will be the death of me

Minutes turn to hours, days to years then gone…

That’s kind of how I feel right now. Also I’ve been listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack so those lyrics are in my head. But even though it’s only something like… three weeks maybe… since we got back from NZ and Singapore, it feels it was a whole lifetime ago. Everything is busy. Stuff keeps demanding to be done. It’s nearly the middle of the year. WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?

Here’s what has been happening lately, at least:


I’ve actually not been doing much reading in the last week. Mostly due to being out, or being asleep, or somewhere in between those two things. The two books sitting on my kindle that I’m (a few pages a day here and there) reading right now are Sex at Dawn and The Dialectic of Sex. Obviously there is a bit of a theme going on there, although one is a sociological consideration of monogamy, and the other is all about feminism in politics. More importantly, neither of them is anything to do with erotic fiction (just in case anyone was wondering) which means they’re interesting but heavy going… and that might just be why it’s taking me a while to plough through them. Not in a bad way though. And perhaps if I stopped being out and had some time in that’d help.

I’m also pretty sure I remember making some kind of drunken agreement to run a book club evening to discuss them. And there may also have been scooters and cheese involved.


TV has not happened. I didn’t watch it on holiday, and I haven’t watched it since I came home.

I did however go and see the theatrical production of Matilda (thanks Clo) as a very impromptu arrangement on a tuesday night. It was AWESOME. I loved Miss Trunchbull – in a love to hate her sense I suppose – and the kids in it were just amazing, I can’t imagine being able to act like that at their age (or even my age, come to think of it).

Watching Avengers: Infinity War also occurred, as a date with Seb. I can’t talk about it – in case people don’t realise I’m talking about it and then get mad, but also because there may have been things that happened which have traumatised me.


Chocolate spread on bread is about as good as it has got this week.


I can’t remember exactly. Quite a lot of action has been had by my Devil Burger hoody. Also my black trousers. And my cat shoes are falling apart πŸ™


Doom metal at Desertfest. Also I listened to some random 80’s disco, mainly due to Alexa refusing to believe my playlists exist. Bit of a difference, both were good πŸ™‚


I taught the kids to play Ticket to Ride: Europe which lasted FOREVER.

Also played Sushi Go Party and Catan at BoardGameClub. Catan also felt like it went on forever, but I think that’s mostly down to extreme tiredness. I’ve found my sharpies and I’m going to draw a moustache on the robber. I think that will help.

And lastly…

PROJECT HOUSE is moving along, not as quickly as I’d like but it is moving at least. The front room is full of boxes.

Next week I’m in Disneyland, so basically nothing else is going to happen then. But it’s Disney… so I’m excited! STITCH I AM COMING FOR YOU πŸ˜€

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