K is for knitting – Bubby D’s baby blanket

As a novice knitter, I don’t really know much beyond the basic two stitches – plain and purl. In fact, I’m not sure I even spelt that right.

But what I did know, at 20 weeks pregnant with Bubby D, is that I wanted to make her something special – since we already had a lot of baby stuff that she’d be being passed down from the Wee Man, and I wanted to give her something that reflected how much I’d thought about her imminent arrival whilst she was growing inside me, even though the Wee Man demanded a lot of my attention.

So I decided on a knitted blanket. And rather than making it one large blanket, I decided that a series of black and white squares would work well – that way I could add together all the squares I could manage to knit and make a nice pattern for her to look at as a tiny baby who couldn’t distinguish colours and objects so easily.

I also wanted to give the squares different textures – so some would be plain all over, some plain and purl, and some with patterns created from switching stitches.

So with no particular patterns in mind I took a ball of black wool, a ball of white wool, some knitting needles and scissors, and aimed for one square a week for 12 weeks – giving me the final few weeks to get them all stitched together and knit all the way around the edges to finish it off.

And (somewhat to my surprise) it actually turned out rather nicely, in the end:

checked blanket

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