Spring lambs – Easter craft for little hands

sheep1Bubby D loves paint at the moment. Since I’d rather she was putting it permitted places, rather than leaving grubby little prints all over the sofa, walls and floor, I decided to do a bit of Easter craft with her and make a handprint sheep. We’ve made it as a picture to stick on the door, but equally it could be used as the front of an Easter card too, if you send such things (we don’t!).

We started by gathering a piece of card, some glue, black paint (you could use whatever colour you like though really), cotton wool balls and googly eyes (not totally necessary although they do look better than drawn on eyes…) and a green piece of foam. sheep2

First – the painting of the hands. I helped Bubby D make her handprint, then let her paint mine (it still looks like I’ve been down a coal mine all day, despite repeated washing!) and put a big handprint next to her little one.

Then we liberally spread glue all over the palm parts of the prints (and a bit elsewhere too – Bubby D isn’t too particular about such things).sheep3

With cotton wool balls being patted down onto the glue, the sheep were beginning to take shape – and the addition of two googly eyes on the thumb print finished them off nicely.

Finally, we added a strip of grass at the bottom to give a bit more colour – we used some green foam but equally crepe paper or ribbon would work nicely too.

sheep5Easy for an 18 month old to do, and a nice effective Easter picture at the end of it 🙂


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