Exploding eggs and happy heñatas – Easter fun from LUSH

Ah Easter.

a)Chocolate, b) a lovely work free looooong weekend and c) a chance for lounging around, eating the chocolate and having little snoozy dreams about floating fluffy chicks cheeping cheerfully as they drift off to their awesome nests of crackly goodness.

What could be better than that?

Well, exploding eggs and happy heñatas of course!

I love baths, the Wee Man loves baths and Bubby D loves baths too. We all love baths, and we all love chocolate – but since chocolate in anything other than small quantities sends the kids into a frenzy of whirling, screeching and bouncing off the walls I’ve found it’s best avoided if I wish to achieve a), b) and c) above myself.

fluffyeggWhat does that have to do with baths? Well, baths of course are relaxing – the complete opposite of chocolate fueled craziness. And they’re also the perfect place to use the aforementioned exploding eggs and happy heñatas.


The happy heñata awaits it's watery destiny
The happy heñata awaits it’s watery destiny

They’re not actually called that by LUSH, creators of bathing amazement. They call them the ‘Fluffy Egg bath ballistic’ (a pink, egg shaped ballistic that smells wonderful and turns the bath water into soothingly soft pink hued bubbliness) and, well, just ‘Heñata’ but I reckon that doesn’t do them justice. Especially the hen, which caused huge beams of happiness to appear on the Wee Man’s face when he finally got to fling it in and watched in wonder as it fizzed its way around the bath. Even more big beams appeared when suddenly, a stream of colours and petals emerged from the centre of the hen – something I wasn’t expecting although once I thought about it, the clue WAS in the name…

With the bath water turned orange, petal filled and smelling heavenly the kids minds were firmly off the chocolate and most definitely more involved in watching the last fizzing henata2remnants of the hen making it’s way around the sides of the tub. Fun for them as they splashed happily in the colourful water, relaxation for me as the demands and tantrums revolving around NEEDING MORE CHOCOLATE were completely eradicated from the day. And the bathroom still smells great, days later!


And tomorrow, we are off to view the Immaculate Eggception!

That’s not some crazy adult act before you get all worried; no, it’s actually another bath ballistic BUT this one has a chick inside the egg.

I’m pretty sure the Wee Man will be amazed by it.

Sorry chocolate, you’ll get your chance again one day…


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