Getting ready for baby – packing a hospital bag

B Day is fast approaching. And so I’ve finally got round to thinking about (and actually doing something about) putting together a bag or two to take to the hospital. Having done this twice before already, you’d think I’d remember by now what I need/want to take with me – but thinking about it I’ve pretty much drawn a blank! A scouring of internet forums, fruitless search of my computer for the list I KNOW I made first time round (far more organised) and last ditch plea for help to twitter later and eventually I have some semblance of appropriate things together. So here’s what I’ve got:

Pippin’s Bag

newborn baby hospital bag

  • Pampers nappies – they’ve got a wetness indicator and they were on offer in Boots.
  • Waterwipes – I’ve used this with each of my newborns – it means I don’t have to worry about any nasties on their fragile skin, although I did also pack some
  • Cotton wool balls – which can also come in handy for top and tailing and nappy changing
  • Muslins – you can never have too many
  • Colourful unisex sleepsuits, vests and hat from Next.

newborn bright colour unisex

  • White cardigan from Next
  • Colourful unisex sleepsuit and two vests from the Little Bird range at Mothercare

newborn little bird outfit

  • Two colourful bandana style bibs
  • Bibetta changing mat (also doubles as a mat for the shower room for me if necessary. I’ve not been to this particular hospital before but I definitely needed one in the hospital I’ve used previously…
  • Handmade crochet blanket – for once I’ve actually managed to finish my blanket making in time!
  • Rainbow stripe NodPod for the journey home
  • Melobaby Melotote Changing Bag – to put it all in! I love this bag because it matches my Melobaby All-In-One Nappy Wallet, it’s big enough to carry everything I need and unisex enough that the Other Half won’t complain about carrying it. Plus it has great little connectors on the handles which mean it can attach to whichever pushchair I am using easily.

My hospital bag (or actually, suitcase)

maternity hospital bag what to pack

  • Flip flops. Good for walking around in labour and also for showering afterwards
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, hairbands, clips and deodorant. Because I’d always pack those things if I’m going to stay somewhere anyway. (Hairbands come in particularly useful though!).
  • Miamoo travel goodies set. This is a handy little bag which contains everything I’ll need to stay fresh and clean while I’m in hospital. It has a splashy wash, fresh locks shampoo, ‘huggy lotion’, ‘cheeky cream’, spritz and wipe and baba oil – plus a lovely flannel too. Because its paraben, SLS, colour and fragrance free it’s all suitable for babies too – which means that I don’t mind that I’ll have been using them when I have some lovely skin to skin cuddles with Pippin. It’s intended as a three step process (cleanse, moisturise, and massage) and although I suspect I’ll only really get to step two at the most if I’m lucky the small size of each item means that they all fit neatly into my bag without taking up lots and lots of unnecessary space.

miamoo travel goodies set

  • Towel. I know the hospital have towels. But I like an excuse for a new one – and it’s purple 🙂
  • iPod, headphones and iPod dock. I should probably check what’s on the iPod but on the other hand why not be surprised? (Christmas songs in March aren’t a problem are they?)
  • Jordans Frusli bars
  • Lucozade
  • Giant pants of the cheap variety
  • Maternity pads. Some big, some small.
  • Medela breast care set
  • Washable breast pads
  • Bravado seamless silk nursing bra
  • Blooming Marvellous nursing nightdress
  • Mamas and Papas nursing dress and Next maternity leggings
  • Dressing gown
  • Charger and lead for phone

And, outside of the bag, my swiss ball and Theraline Maternity and Nursing pillow. Not only is the Theraline pillow really useful for pregnancy (it squashes into a supportive shape to aid comfortable sleeping and sitting when you have a big bump) but it can also be used to give support when feeding a tiny baby too – so I think it’ll come in really handy for positioning a tiny newborn for frequent feeds whilst I’m in hospital.

A bag for the Other Half

  • Monster energy drink
  • Jordans Frusli bars
  • Change purse
  • T-shirt
  • Pants
  • Deodorant
  • Magazine
  • Camera and lead
  • Copy of birth plan


And of course I have my hospital notes. So hopefully, I haven’t forgotten anything!

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