Pregnancy diary – 34 weeks

6 weeks to go and the bump is getting big.

‘You look ready to pop’ ‘are you sure there aren’t two in there’ and ‘I’m sure I was never that big’ are some of the observations being thrown at me daily by increasingly irritating people on the street or tube or in the supermarket, shopping centre…wherever we happen to be really.

Yes I know I have a big bump.

Yes I know I look tired.

No I’m not ready for baby to arrive.

Because…well, I’m not!

Firstly, from a gestational point of view, 34 weeks is too early. Much as I don’t like the interrupted sleep, the excruciating hip pain, the need to eat random things at random times and my ever growing aquaintance with the bathroom, I’d still rather Pippin stayed put a while longer. Also, I can’t help thinking that looking after Pippin on the inside has got to be a lot easier than looking after a baby once they’ve made their way out. Or at least that’s how I remember it.

Secondly, I actually am not ready. The house looks like a baby clothes/stuff tornado has swept through it and nothing is organised. That’s on top of the usual ‘general stuff’ tornado which, owing to my lack of mobility and energy has also grown to a rather extreme size. The urge to nest is starting to emerge but since it’s not accompanied by any energy or mobility assistance it’s frustrating more than anything else! I need a team of helper elves to project manage from my bed. Please could someone invent some pregnancy helper elves?

One thing I CAN do is sew the buttons back on my coat, because the bump has got so big that even a maternity coat is now struggling at the seams – I will make sure they are sewn in with industrial strength cotton this time! And I’m also nearly finished with crocheting Pippin’s blanket – I can’t wait (even though I CAN wait) for Pippin to arrive and be wrapped in it, all snug and warm.

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