Pregnancy diary week 32 – getting some much needed support from Bravado

I’m well into my third trimester now, and the size of my bump is increasing at an alarming rate (well it feels alarming. My midwife assures me that I am, in fact, measuring exactly ‘to dates’).

It’s not just my bump getting bigger either. My boobs (although they now look quite small in comparison to the giant bump underneath them!) are actually a lot larger than they were, thanks to all that milk making equipment getting ready for action – and my bras, most having been through at least one (and possibly two) pregnancies and breastfeeding experiences already, are looking kind of saggy and stretched.

I know from past experience how important it is to have a good, well fitting bra (early breastfeeding with the Wee Man, mastitis and surgical drainage of the resulting horribleness are a testament to that) and so I’m keen to make sure that this time I have good support in place both for the end of my pregnancy, and once Pippin arrives as well. Unlike when I was pregnant for the first time, there is now a lot more choice of bras around – which is nice but also mind boggling in equal measure.

Thank you then to Bravado, who have made things a bit simpler for me by providing me with two different bras to try.

bravado bras and panties

The Essential Embrace Nursing Bra

This one is black, with little purple piping bits along the top of the cups and diagonally down the front. The material was a bit different to what I’m used to – it feels somehow sturdier – and apparently that’s because it’s made of something called Dynatex which is made up of cotton and microfibre for breathableness and a silky smooth finish.

bra, panties, and 32 week bump!
bra, panties, and 32 week bump!

It certainly feels very comfortable, and being seam free it isn’t irritating for my somewhat sore boobs, which is lovely. Because it’s suitable throughout pregnancy, and all stages of breastfeeding, I can wear it for quite some time too. The support is just right, with fairly wide shoulder straps and several options for adjusting back size too.

Even better, it has some matching seamless panties that are quite possibly THE MOST COMFORTABLE of pants that I have ever worn whilst pregnant. They stretch just the right amount to stay up without being saggy, and feel snug without being restrictive. I will definitely be investing in more of those, just in general. (A bit like maternity jeans, which I have never stopped wearing due to their extreme comfortableness, even during periods of non-pregnancy).

The Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

bravado body silk braBravado say this is their best selling Bravado bra and I can see / feel why – it is so, so comfortable yet still supportive. The sizing is very flexible, with small, medium, large and extra large being adjustable to allow a good fit and I really like the fact that they have built in pockets which can be used to hold breast pads of the moulded foam cups that come with the bra – giving it a lovely smooth finish under fitted t-shirts.

hooray, pinkness
See, I look EXACTLY like the model…

The one I have is pink, which makes a nice change from black or white, and it’ll be nice to have something that co-ordinates with my summer tops once the warmer weather makes an appearance!

An additional feature is the B clips that are provided along with it, so that the bra can be turned back into an everyday bra once pregnancy and breastfeeding are finished. The clips are inserted instead of the nursing clips which allow the cups to be opened and closed – a nice little touch which means the bra is worth buying while pregnant even if you aren’t sure if you’re going to breastfeed.

I’ve never had a Bravado bra before but I’ll definitely be getting more – and I’m looking forward to trying them out while actually breastfeeding (fingers crossed) once Pippin arrives too 🙂

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