The art of achieving sleep in pregnancy – Snoozle review

snoozle boxI’ve been fairly lucky with pregnancy this time round, in that I’ve not suffered much from heartburn, restless legs, or needing to visit the toilet more than once in the night in general.

But one of the things that really has started interrupting sleep, particularly as my bump has got bigger and my hips have got more and more painful with SPD, is balancing the need to shift position in bed to get comfortable with the actual mechanics of achieving that change of position.

It can be time consuming and painful. Usually I end up rotating so that I end up on my knees, trying to keep my legs together so that my hips don’t protest like they are about to split apart, and then attempting to fall gracefully into an alternative position that I can comfortably stay in for a while – without dislodging covers or pregnancy pillows, squashing the inevitable small child that’s crept into the bed with us or disturbing the Other Half too much.

The Snoozle is a clever little contraption that promises to aid this process. When I first heard it described I thought it was some kind of inflatable tube or something that wedged alongside me and then amazingly cleverly managed to levitate me across the bed without nearly as much effort as I have been expending.

That is NOT what it is.

But, it does work in a similar way. It’s a tubular sheet made of slippery material that you sleep on top of, and when you need to turn over it glides along with you making the transition smooth and easy, and needful of much less energy. It also makes the process far less ‘earthquakey’ – something that the Other Half and Bubby D are definitely pleased about.

snoozle on the bedI did find it a bit strange at first, being so slidey meant that even when I wasn’t trying to move I still felt like I was moving a bit! But the material feels really lovely against the skin and after a couple of nights use I was acclimatised to it and found it really very helpful.

There are some situations where it doesn’t work so well. The first of these being when your Other Half decides in his ‘I’m going to cleanse the bedroom of things I think are rubbish’ culling spree to stick it in a bag destined for the bin. Having got used to moving in a much easier way I was very upset by the sudden disappearance of the Snoozle, and it became clear how much difference it had made simply from the fact that I really really missed it when it had mysteriously disappeared.

Luckily, I am well aware of how these culling missions work and as usual I had a root through the resulting bags. He will not EVER consider the Snoozle to be rubbish again – especially after I pointed out that it was the reason for his much better sleep as well as mine of late!

The only other slight issue, when you ARE in possession of a fully functioning Snoozle, is that if you are tossing and turning a lot it can become dislodged or so far moved across the bed that it falls off the side.

But then, that happens to blankets, duvets, pregnancy pillows, teddy bears, and – occasionally – me at times. So, like all things designed to be on beds, I think it’s probably to be expected on occasion. And it certainly doesn’t detract from the overall usefulness and benefit. And it also means you can use it to slide off the bed in the morning too!

As pregnancy sleep aids go I really like it, and I only wish it’d been around for my previous pregnancies – it has made a difference to my pain levels and my overall sleep experience. AND it comes in a really really lovely box.

snoozle whats in the box

In the absence of new hips, a servant to manually lift and turn you at your every whim or an amazing mind reading hammock that automatically adjusts your position (do they exist?) what more can you ask for?


A Snoozle costs £24 and you can get one from the Snoozle website. Mine is white but there are pink and blue trimmed ones available too.


Disclosure: I was provided with a Snoozle for the purposes of this review. However I was not required to write a positive review and all words are my own honest opinion. 

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