Review: Cosatto SUPA Flamingo Fling

So, umbrella strollers.

You could be forgiven for thinking that they’re all pretty much the same. And I guess, generally, they all do pretty much LOOK the same.

cosatto supa flamingo fling 6 (1024x683)

Except for the SUPA, that is. Yes, it looks like an umbrella stroller in the sense that it folds in the middle, leaving an umbrella shaped thing with wheels. But the shape is where the similarity ends. Because it’s bright and bold, and fun. AND it has the ability to look like an upside down umbrella too thanks to an innovative, incredibly useful autostand. Have you ever found another umbrella stroller that can do that?

cosatto supa flamingo fling self standing (639x1024)

That’s not where the innovation ends, either. On top of the multi-position recline (with lie-flat suitable from birth), adjustable footrest, height-adjustable handles, lockable front swivel wheels and a pop-off seat that’s apparently easy to clean (I can attest to the fact that it wipes up well thanks to an exploding carrot puree pouch) it has a few extra special features beyond the norm too.

First off, there is a cup holder that clips easily on to either side of the frame. And it stays put, and holds drinks securely.

cosatto supa flamingo fling 14 (1024x671)

Secondly, it has gadgets. Or, more accurately, functionality for gadgets – because there is a little pocket in the back of the hood that you can pop an MP3 into, and your little one can then be entertained by their own on-board speaker system. The Wheels On The Stroller Bus go round and round, round and round, round and round…

cosatto supa flamingo fling 22 (1024x676)

…and very nice wheels they are too!

cosatto supa flamingo fling 13 (1024x683)

If you think speakers are fancy, then you’ll be astounded by the next bit – it’s got an on board Window-On-The-World display pocket as well. Which basically means there is a see-through bit on the inside of the very big, excellent-coverage-fully-extendable and UPF50+ rated hood where you can stick your tablet. Or some flash cards, or a book or some photos. (but most likely a tablet because even if you pretend not to let them, most kids get to play with them sometimes don’t they?).

cosatto supa flamingo fling baby and tablet 2 (659x1024)

If you’ve got a larger size tablet (10 inches, say) then it’ll only go in one way, so it’s worth bearing that in mind for games/movies etc that only work in landscape orientation. For touch screen devices, you can still touch the screen through the clear front bit of the pocket – so if your larger little ones are clamouring to play with an app then it’s a nice secure way to let them go for it! Little B was certainly very happy to have her own on board cinema, even if it was sometimes the wrong way round, and I could see her enjoying it using the handy parent-viewing window (for clarification, that is meant for checking on your child – not watching the tablet too!).

On top of all that, there are the quirky little finishing touches that make it all extra special. I absolutely LOVE the little flamingoes in the handlebars, and the reversible cosytoes that comes with the stroller; lots of little flamingoes or two big ones can be helping to keep your tiny traveller warm whatever the weather.

cosatto supa flamingo fling 4 (1024x682)

It’s lovely and lightweight, and although we were just using it to whizz around the Baby Show for the day I can pretty much guarantee it would have been very easy to get home with too on the DLR and tube. Plus it comes with a free raincover – so we’d have been all set to head outside…

cosatto supa flamingo fling 16 (1024x683)

…but we had to give it back after our day of strolling around in summer style – and I have to say I was very sad to see it go (Little B crawled back to it and tried to eat the wheels, which from her is a sure sign of affection too). Although the push was not as easy or smooth as our larger travel system stroller and the shopping basket wasn’t the biggest, it was very much on a par with other umbrella strollers we have tried; and that, coupled with the fantastic gadget-friendliness, autostand, brilliant bright design and all round comfort for kids (it’s got a headhugger, liner and chest straps on the secure five-point harness to make days out adventuring fun for everyone) make it a top contender when you’re looking for a lightweight umbrella style pushchair.

They got it right when they called it SUPA. If a stroller is what you’re after then you should definitely give the SUPA Flamingo Fling a go.


You can find out more about the Cosatto SUPA Flamingo Fling on the Cosatto Website, and you can also follow Cosatto on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for all the latest colourful news.






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