Review: Stokke Trailz – first thoughts

A big box arrived at my door. In fact, it was two big boxes, because the Stokke Trailz is – no doubt about it – a big pushchair.

Despite that, the way it had been carefully tucked into the box really amazed me. Everything was slotted in perfectly so that no additional space was needed. It almost had me wishing I could stick it back into the box so that I could marvel at it all over again the next time I took it out.

Except of course, that Little B and I (and Seb and D) were keen to go out. So we laid all the various parts on the floor, and started to put it all together instead.

stokke trailz 1

Turns out that care and thought that has been given to the packing extends into everything else too. The parts fit together seamlessly and within minutes, we were looking at a completely assembled Stokke Trailz, all ready for some adventuring.

stokke trailz 3

After I got over how big it is (the chunky wheels are made to handle all types of terrain, and the basket is made to hold a whopping 10kg of stuff (which I can guarantee it will, with all the bits and pieces we end up hauling around for all 3 kids) I started marvelling at how well made it all is instead. The craftsmanship is excellent, with the seat fabric slipping effortlessly into the seams of the moulded shell, and the hood easily clipping on top of that.

Folding the pushchair, once unfolded, was a little less effortless – it does take a bit of practice – but after a couple of tries I got the hang of it with no problems. It actually folds down surprisingly compactly, fitting in the boot of our car with plenty of room to spare.

It was made, it was folded, and unfolded again.

So on to test number two – getting out and about with the Stokke Trailz.

stokke trailz hood 2

Little B absolutely loved the Trailz from the moment she first sat in it. The toy bar seemed to give her a feeling of security as she looked around at where we were headed, and I really like the hood, which has a fold away section that allows me to see what Little B is up to if she is world facing. Which means that I can see that – even though she is leaning forward and hanging on to the toybar – she is held in securely by the robust five point harness, which has lovely padded straps to keep her comfortable, and is nice and easy to adjust too.

superworm trail 15 stokke trailz

As I’d suspected, we did in fact need that giant basket. We crammed it absolutely full of stuff for our day out in the woods, and the basked coped with no problems at all. In fact at one point D even climbed in it, insisting it was a second seat just for her. She weighs slightly more than 10kg, but even so the basket didn’t even strain to cope with the weight (although I did tell her to get herself out again pretty quickly!). When the pushchair is full of baby, and the basket is full of stuff, and you’ve got a three year old tugging on one arm, generally speaking it is still possible to push the Trailz using only one hand. It is a heavier pushchair than others I have used, but despite that it is still remarkably maneuverable.

The handle height is adjustable, which means that I can have it at the perfect angle for me to push comfortably, with the Other Half being able to push comfortably too when the handle is on the highest setting.

The footrest is adjustable too, and having used it with both Little B and D, it offers enough flexibility to move quickly between smaller and larger children (although Little B is pretty keen on using the toy bar as a footrest instead!).

stokke trailz yoga pose

out shopping with stokke trailz


We’ve been using it now for two months, and although there is light wear on the wheels, and a couple of tiny scratches on the plastic hinge parts of the frame (these are quite easy to rub away, too) it still looks absolutely as good as new. Which is pretty amazing, given that it’s had fromage frais spilt all over it, and been on several tours of mud strewn lands.

But I think absolutely our favourite thing about it is that the seat is at the perfect height to interact with Little B, and for her to enjoy seeing a lot more of the world as we travel about.

Which we plan to be doing a lot of. Check back in a few months time to see how we get on!

stokke trailz review hood



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