Jammin’ session

I’ve had a breadmaker for quite a while now. It makes bread, as you would expect, and it also makes cakes, and pizza dough. So basically, anything doughy or bready – it makes.

But upon reading the instructions a little more closely, I realised it purported to make jam!

I do like jam. So does the Wee Man, and so does the Other Half. (Bubby D is stuck with jam flavoured milk for now, but she seems to like that too).

So we decided to give it a try:

First – assemble ingredients. 2 cups frozen raspberries, 1 cup chopped apple, 1 cup preserving sugar, and 3 tablespoons of lemon juice…

Next – tip them in!

Check they’re all in there ok…

Then press the JAM button (number 9, on my breadmaker…) and wait for an hour and twenty minutes…

…and voila! JAM!

Now for those who think that half of it is gone, that’s not the case. We are not that piggy. The simple fact is that I forgot the jam would need a jar…and so the only jar available was one of my large Kilner ones.

It smells good, and initial slurping indicates that it tastes good. So now – what to do with it?

We decided to make jam tarts! Concerned about the Wee Man sticking his fingers right into steaming hot jam (he doesn’t get the concept of waiting when there are sweet treats to be had) I decided they would be jam tarts with sponge on top. A bit like bakewells, but without the almonds.

Wee Man was clearly very, very excited about this plan because when I picked him up from preschool, every single worker knew he was going home to make jam tarts!

Before preschool, we had rolled, cut and squashed the pastry into the muffin tray, and I had blind baked it ready…

Then the exciting part – Wee Man began ‘filling’ the pastry with jam and sponge mix…

Until they were all full…

Then we baked them 🙂 (at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes)

I’d show you a picture of them being eaten, but unfortunately the Wee Man and the Other Half seem to have this amazing ‘tasty things’ hoovering ability which results in them disappearing rather quickly.

Yum! We’ll definitely be doing the not-bread-but-jam-maker thing again 😀

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