Living Arrows 20/52

The last week has been one of those weeks that you pretty much write off and chuck in a mental bin.

Only days after receiving a letter from the school saying that Seb would now be monitored for attendance as his time off school has fallen below prescribed levels (chicken pox, a severe mouth infection and an unauthorised trip to New Zealand all in one year) he was hit with a nasty bug that left him feeling very weak and sorry for himself, mostly sleeping or being sick. Luckily after a trip to the hospital and some rehydration interventions later, he was back to being his usual boisterous self. Or at least, well on the way to it!

poorly S

It wasn’t all bad news for D though, because with Seb sleeping so much she got an unusually high level of parent-interaction time. It reminded me how much more she talks and asks questions given some of her own space to discover without big brother taking over. She was sad that Seb was feeling poorly and was very good at checking how he was, but also very much enjoyed being a unicorn alone with Mummy!

look theres thomas

And Little B spent the week insisting she is old enough to feed herself, with cutlery. She’s been surprisingly good at it too – and Pixel has been pleased by the amount of food left for her to try and steal on the floor!

annabel karmel toddler meals oxo tot cutlery ezy plate

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