No tantrums, thankyou…

Toddler tantrums.

The inevitable consequence of being two.

And Bubby D does them rather well.

toddler tantrum sad face

All smiles one minute, suddenly something will annoy/frustrate/enrage her, and then…

…CROSS go the arms…

…POUT goes the mouth…

…STAMP goes the foot… (that’s a recent addition, to add emphasis to her crossness)

…and ‘no THANKYOU’ shouts an angry little voice.

at which point, I struggle to hold in a grin. Because of course, grinning at a small, enraged toddler is really not a good idea. It tends to increase the stamping, pouting, arm crossing and daggers being shot from the eyes 100 fold.

But I just can’t help it.

Bubby D is so unfailingly polite.

Even in the middle of a massive tantrum; screaming, flailing and generally looking like the world is about to end, the pleases and thankyou’s will still be added on to the extremely emphatic ‘NO’s that are being hurled about.

We get the looks of amazement as I am seen firmly clasping a squirming, angry looking, outraged sounding octopus-child as we make our way around the supermarket, or off to do the school run, or into the dreaded car seat.

But then comes even more amazement, and often a smile and a nod, as people acknowledge the little ‘thank you’ thrown in by Bubby D as she protests the car seat straps, or the refusal of penguin biscuits in the shopping trolley, or the need to pick up big brother on time.

So yes please, tantrums. If you have to happen, polite is the way to go.

Thank you!


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