Ever since his first encounter with ducks – in Christchurch, New Zealand – the Wee Man has been pretty enthralled by ducks. Judging by the number of small children regularly dotted around the local pond, this seems to be a fairly universal thing. Even now, two years later, the Wee Man is still fairly insistent on regularly providing the ducks with sustenance, although these days he insists we need to make them sandwiches. (‘Sandwiches’ consist of two bits of bread pressed together – there doesn’t actually have to be a filling. But I see where his reasoning is coming from, and I agree sandwiches in general are much tastier than just a slice of bread on its own).

And when you think about it, ducks really could have come into existence specifically with children in mind. They have lovely rounded beaks (no dangerous pointy bits), no teeth (again no dangerous pointy bits), and webbed rather than clawed feet. Plus, they are a lovely yellow colour…

Ok, maybe that’s just bath ducks. Or maybe ducklings. Very small ones. I have to say I’ve never seen a bright yellow adult duck gaily floating around on any pond or lake. (Although I have seen several hundred fake yellow ones floating down the Thames, which was fairly entertaining!)

Also of course they say QUACK – a very distinctive noise. The Wee Man was convinced for a long time that they actually say DUCK, and there was no convincing him otherwise. However recently he has come round to the idea and loves to scream QUACK at them loudly whilst lobbing bits of ‘sandwich’ at their heads.

Why they don’t run away in terror there’s no saying. But they don’t. And that’s just another reason to like ducks, in my book 🙂


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