Eating out and about – the Munchkin Travel Booster Seat review

Bubby D has decided she’s too big for highchairs.

Unfortunately, she’s also too little for adult chairs. Being fairly small for her age, when she sits (as she insists upon doing) on the seat next to me, her eyes are pretty much level with the table. Useful for playing peepo. Not so good if you want to see what you’re eating and aim it effectively at your mouth.

munchkinseatSo I decided to give the Munchkin Travel Booster Seat a try. Previously we’ve tried a fabric highchair thingy that straps around the top of the chair, but of course, that doesn’t elevate Bubby D so we have the same problem – she’s strapped to the chair securely but she still can’t see or eat!

However, although the Munchkin seat uses the same premise – it straps onto the chair using one strap around the back of the seat and one around the bottom, ensuring it’s nice and secure – it also contains a rigid plastic insert in the bottom and some clever little flip out legs, which mean that Bubby D is at just the right height (and once she gets bigger, she can use it with the legs left tucked in, giving her a lower level of boost).

munchkinboosterfeaturesThere is room inside the insert too, so not only is it fairly compact to carry around when out and about, but it also has room to stash some essentials inside, just like a change bag. My nappy wallet fits in easily with space to spare for a bib, cutlery set and extra large sack of wipes too (she may be able to see what she’s eating but she still gets very, very messy…).

munchkin booster 2The seat feels very sturdy and safe when set up (something that only took me a matter of seconds once I’d figured out which straps were which) and has an internal three point harness which was easy to adjust and fit round her snugly, making sure she didn’t fall off.

There was one hairy moment where Bubby D’s friend Jimmy, who was also joining her in having an elevated view of the world, almost tipped his chair over backwards after pushing his feet against the table. It’s not a problem specific to the Munchkin seat, as my own children have done this before in the booster seats we have at home – it’s simply because a normal chair has a much smaller leg base than a highchair, meaning it’s far more tippable. So just a word of caution – it’s worth making sure that whatever chair you’re using has a wall, another chair, or failing that a responsible adult behind it if possible, just in case!

the kids enjoy their lunch date
the kids enjoy their lunch date

After use, the Munchkin seat packed away easily and wiped clean with no problems whatsoever. The design has clearly been well thought out to be very user friendly, both in terms of parents and little ones. I was incredibly impressed with the little fold out legs that tuck away invisibly once you’ve finished using it. I’m also very pleased with how compact, lightweight and versatile it is – I literally could go out with just the seat, and have everything I and Bubby D needed tucked away neatly in the storage space inside.

It retails at around £20, and if you’ve every been in the situation where you’re standing in a crowded eatery with kids wailing and hanging off your legs just because you’re waiting for a highchair like I have, then I’m sure you’ll agree it’s an extremely reasonable price for an excellent out-and-about solution – plus it’ll be great for visiting friends and relatives too!


Disclosure: I was sent a Munchkin Travel Booster Seat to review, however all words are my own honest opinion and I was not required to write a positive review.

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