Summer fun with far less fuss – the Breezy Canopy for Bugaboo Bee review

Summer can be a bit of a pain when you’re strapped into a pushchair.

At least, I imagine it can, it’s been a long time since I was small enough to fit in one without crushing it (much to my disappointment – sometimes I really do fancy just a little lie back on a comfy seat while out and about!).

Even dressed in only a lightweight t-shirt and shorts, Bubby D often wakes up from a nap sweaty and sticky, looking like a very sorry for herself ragamuffin. We do use a sun shade, but it’s black and it does tend to retain the heat even though she is protected from the UVF rays – which for some reason I always get an image of in my head as being little purple monsters falling down from the sky and bouncing off the cover with an outraged squeal.

I’m sure that’s not what actually happens. But in any case. Bubby D gets hot, and she gets grumpy.

But these days, she’s not quite so cross about it all – and that’s because Bugaboo have come up with a great solution, in the form of the Breezy Canopy.

Bugaboo breezy out and aboutGood thing number one – it’s a canopy that actually goes in place of the hood on the pushchair, and that means it’s permanently attached – so I can’t forget it like I frequently do with our standalone sunshade. The one we are using is for the Bugaboo Bee, but Bugaboo have Breezy Canopies available for all the pushchairs in their range.

Number two – it provides full coverage, head to toe. It’s also got a viewing window, which Bubby D loves having unzipped and peeping out of whilst we are walking around.

Bugaboo breezy naptimeThree – it helps her stay lovely and cool, because it’s got plenty of ventilation in the form of little mesh windows which means she can see what’s going on when she’s awake, and a breeze can pass through the canopy to keep her cool when she’s sleeping. One of the windows is on the top of the hood too, so I can keep an eye on her easily.Bugaboo breezy parent viewIt is a light colour, so I have found that it marks pretty easily – which is a bit of a niggle when you have fairly messy children like mine! On the plus side, it is easy to remove and clean too, so the marks don’t stay on there for long – and the light reflective colour means that the sun’s heat isn’t absorbed like it is with a dark coloured sunshade either.

So, now we have comfortable summer walks with no grumpiness, no ‘I don’t want that sunshade down and I’ll kick it til it falls off’ tantrums, and no stickiness (apart from the inevitable ice cream treat!). It’s made summer so much more fun, for me and for Bubby D 🙂
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