Watching from afar – using the BabyPING Monitor abroad

Going on work trips abroad has it’s benefits, number one for me being a hotel room with a big comfy bed and it’s own bathroom all for just me! Even though I often work quite late into the evening the thought of being able to slide between freshly laundered sheets after using the bathroom with no interruptions and then starfishing in bed to my hearts content is really quite exciting!

But even though I don’t miss being jumped on at 3am by a wee soaked toddler or having my bathroom habits scrutinised by an inquisitive four year old, I do miss being able to tuck them in, give them a kiss goodnight, and know that they’re just in the room next door if I want to check in on them.

That’s where the BabyPING baby monitor comes in handy.

Of course, it can’t kiss them, or rearrange covers.

But it does let me see them, hear them, and prompt me to give the Other Half a quick prod (via mobile!) to do the kissing and tucking in for me, if necessary!

And, as long as I am staying in a wifi enabled hotel (which I always am!) it’s really easy to take a peek at what they’re up to.

All I do is fire up the BabyPING+ app on my iPad, wait a few seconds…and there they are! (Or, in the case of my first night way in Brussels recently! there the Wee Man was, anyway. Unfortunately for the Other Half, who also had visions of a whole bed to himself while I was away, our toddler starfish quickly had other ideas and was taking up 3/4 of the adult bed within an hour of being tucked in to her own…).

The app keeps running in the background of the iPad even if I minimise the page, so if I want to I can sleep with the sound of their incredibly loud clock ticking, and their occasional snuffling right next to me all night, as if they really were in the next room – just like home.

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