Beebies Wishlist – what we’d buy if we had the house for it!

No doubt about it – babies attract ‘stuff’.

I’m not talking about the ‘stuff’ of tiny randomness that you find scattered across the floor, or the mushy bits of banana that end up glued to the bottoms of their sleepsuits, or the scrunched up half eaten bits of paper that are the most entertaining thing in the world (for five minutes, anyway).

No, I’m talking about all the lovely stuff. All the things you can get to play with, to wear, to make life as a parent easier or more colourful or just more ‘aww…that’s gorgeous’.

And as THAT kind of stuff goes, Beebies is the place to be.

So here is my list of stuff – the things that have caught my eye, and the eyes of the kids. The stuff that makes us go ‘aww’:

1. Clothes. There are lots of lovely, lovely clothes for both Little B and for Bubby D – but the bits in particular that have caught our eye are the Duck Babygro and the Handmade Squirrel Cotton Dress.

Bubby D is mad about squirrels and she loves wearing dresses too – so when she saw this she instantly set her heart on it.

Little B doesn’t make any such demands yet, but as a family we all love bright colourful things – and with it’s red stripes and bright yellow bath style ducky on the front this babygro certainly fits the bill…

beebies baby store clothes

Oh, and not forgetting me, either! Beebies has some lovely clothes for pregnant and breastfeeding mums and although I don’t plan to be pregnant again I can certainly appreciate the breastfeeding clothes – I love the Red Bibee Dress with Red Harlequin front. It’s a very clever design that allows mixing and matching for a quick change of look; and I think it would match Little B in the Duck Babygro pretty well too!

2. Swimming

beebies baby store rash topLittle B has recently started lessons and it’s a toss up between that and the swings at the park as to which generates the most squeals of delight. I’ve realised though that a reusable nappy would be a good investment, and I love the nappy and matching rash suit with an apple pattern that Beebies sell. Definitely a worthwhile buy for more happy squealing.

3. Shoesbeebies baby store shoo shoo

Winter is coming. I know, that’s all Game of Thrones-ish but it’s true and I reckon Little B could probably do with some footwear to keep her little feet a bit warmer. As soon as I saw these Red Flower Shoo Shoos I knew they’d be perfect – they would match so much of what she wears and they look like they should be easy to put on. 

And hopefully they’d stay on!

beebies baby store prince lionheart booster

4. Getting around

With three kids to cater for, we are constantly on the go. Now that Little B is six months, there are a couple of things I think would make life a lot easier while out and about – the Prince Lionheart Boost seat being one of them. I love the styling, as well as the described functionality; visiting family and eating out in cafe’s could be a much happier experience for her.

I love the look of the Cosatto Hootle car seat too, and the Cosatto Giggle New Wave. Such lovely bright designs, and well made products. We might not absolutely NEED them, but we do like them!

5. And then of course, there are toys…

If we had a bigger house, and I had a better bank balance, then I have to say I’d probably buy at least half the toys (ok, probably MOST of the toys!). But, given that space is limited, I think these are the ones we’d go for:

  • the Winter Wonderland Children’s Teepee. It IS big when it’s up, but it looks like it would fold down fairly small and it’s something that all three children would enjoy
  • the wooden construction train – Bubby D loves toys like this and as she gets older, I’m sure Little B would enjoy it too
  • Wheelybugs mouse – I’ve seen Bubby D use one of these before and she loved it. It’s small but not too small and as Little B starts finding her feet more I think it would be fairly easy for her to use. Plus they are meant to help gross motor skills – something we definitely need a hand with in this family!

beebies baby store toys

  • The Beautiful Beginnings Deluxe Wooden Baby Walker. It just looks like a well built walker that’d be lots of fun for Little B as she starts to pull herself up and toddle
  • Afternoon Tea combo pack – perfect for a rainy day activity and some yummy eating afterwards for the whole family
  • Deluxe wooden easel…one for the Wee Man, or in fact it can cater for two kids at once. That’s a definite bonus, on top of the well thought out features and gorgeous styling
  • Gumigem Bubba Bag of teething tools – it’s a bag, it has interesting things in it, and you can chew on them. Pretty much all the things that Little B loves right now!
  • Lamaze Octotunes. We love Lamaze and this colourful octopus looks like he’d give Little B hours of fun

You get the idea. There are so many lovely, lovely things, I could keep on finding things we’d wish for all day.

What would you choose? Why not take a look and see!






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