Competition – win a rearfacing car seat accessory bundle from BRITAX!

Car seat accessories pic 2We have a rearfacing til four car seat, and other parents have often commented to me that they think their little one would protest at sitting ‘the wrong way round’ for so long.

In actual fact, the Wee Man – and now his little sister too – we’re never bothered at all, since they’d never known any other way to sit in the car!

But it is true that sitting in a rearfacing seat can have some differences from a forward facing one, and there are some handy tricks to be aware of.

First of all, get a back seat mirror, so that you can see what they’re up to, and they can see into the front of the car. The Wee Man loved his little mirror, and pulling faces in it to make me smile…and he’d also check that when I was singing ‘happy and you know it’ along with him I was definitely touching my nose!

Secondly, the sun shining into the car may not be blinding you, but it will be hitting your little one at a different angle and might be making them a little bit cross – so it’s worth investing in some decent sunshades for the windows.

And, remember that if you are using an extended rearfacing seat, its likely that you’ll have a toddler or preschooler with muddy shoes who will just love kicking muddy patterns into the back seat. If you value the cleanliness of your car (and I’d like to say I do, but thanks to a fromage frais explosion and a recent puking episode it’s really not working out for me) then considering a seat protector is a great idea too!

These are all little things that can help make a car journey a much more pleasant one, and as a BRITAX Mumbassador Iā€™m delighted to be offering a fantastic car seat accessory bundle for one lucky winner!

Including a Car Seat Saver to help protect your vehicle from food or drink stains on the move, a Back Seat Mirror so you can keep an eye on rearward-facing little ones whilst you travel, and EZ-Cling Sun Shades to protect younger passengers on brighter days, this bundle from BRITAX covers all the bases.

Just use the Rafflecopter below to enter, and good luck!

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