Staying sane in the car – free BRITAX activity sheets for car travel with kids

It’s the Easter holidays. And that means finding activities to keep the little ones occupied before we all start bouncing off the walls.

Auntie Tooie kindly offered to take the Wee Man and Bubby D to Whipsnade Zoo to meet Peppa Pig as she shows off the new childrens’ farm area – whilst the Other Half and I get to concentrate on our newest addition from the comfort of the sofa.

But before we reach that sofa, car travel is required.

And a car full of three children, two of whom are incredibly excited (pink pigs, zoos AND Auntie Tooie all in one day? It’s small person heaven!) needs some kind of distraction to ensure the sofa is reached with the adults having their sanity and their hair still intact.

Of course we have a well used list of car games that we like to play, and ‘I Spy’ is one of them. However, with one child who is only just learning to read and spell and another who has no idea what letter words start with, the options are incredibly limited. There are only so many times we can pretend to be flummoxed by what ‘C’ they could possibly be referring to (that’d be ‘car’ then…) before the sanity starts retreating and the pulling out of hair commences.

Britax Printable I Spy car activity freeBRITAX have a great solution for this problem – they’ve produced some handy free printable activity sheets  which can be downloaded and given to the kids to prompt things to look out for, without needing the ability to read or spell. The ‘I Spy With My Little Eye’ printable was a HUGE hit with the Wee Man, who was incredibly pleased every time he spotted something that was detailed on the page. Bubby D got bored of looking for things every so often (the printables are aimed at over 4’s, in any case) but was equally happy just colouring in the various different pictures of common and not-so-common things that you might spot whilst out and about in a car.


And for older kids, there is a ‘Number Detective’ sheet available too with lots of interesting number problems to solve.

We’ve still got a few things left to tick off on the Wee Man’s sheet, so I’m hopeful that the rest of the Easter holiday car journeys will go equally well!


 Disclosure: I am a BRITAX Mumbassador, and BRITAX share their press releases with me. I decided to write about this one because my kids have really enjoyed using the activity sheets and I think they’re worth sharing 🙂 


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