I curse the fading of the light

It’s official. The nights are going to start getting shorter again.

That’s in terms of visible light, of course. Not in terms of ‘night out’, although there’s potential for those to get shorter too perhaps. The theme of this week is certainly to rein it in a bit.


I’ve been reading a book by Gary Ray called Friendly Local Game Store. It’s all about setting up a game store, how to do it and what not to do. Given that I’ve been visiting a lot of game stores recently it’s interesting to mix some theory into my observation of the practice.


I finished watching Orphan Black, which has left me feeling curiously empty.

On to 3% next I think. Or perhaps I’ll finish The Rain.


I made pizza with various children. It involved three trips to the shops as I kept forgetting things I needed. That also seems to be a theme for this week – my organisational skills are sadly lacking even though I’ve attempted to concentrate and plan.

Got there in the end though 🙂


Having sorted out the bedroom at the weekend, my clothes are in some kind of order which vary rarely happens. Not that it’s impacted on what I’ve worn, I just wore the same things as always, well, except for my Belle dress which got its first outing to the flamingo filled house party barbecue thing. I have no photos. But it looked good.


80’s rock FTW. I’ve taught Little B how to sing Bohemian Rhapsody with appropriate flair.


Bucket of Doom made it’s first appearance at BoardGameClub this week and it was appropriately amusing. We could have happily played it a lot longer, but Betrayal at House on the Hill was waiting, so we moved on to that instead.

More Doom next week, perhaps 🙂

And lastly…

Shooting, partying and paintballing are all on the agenda this weekend, which means the next week might be bruise fuelled.

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