The stars were burning so bright, the sun was out til midnight


Everything was a bit husky for a while, and singing anything high was a no go, but luckily for me Killer Queen is a pretty low song.


I really can’t remember. I think I’ve been more watchy than ready this week. I did read a bit more of the D&D players manual, which I’ve now promptly forgotten.


More Orphan Black, and more and MORE. I feel like I should say something about mangoes.

Also Deadpool 2, which was full of interesting wisdom and disjointed scenes.

‘What do you get when you take 8-feet of chrome, one pinch of courage, a cup of good luck, a dab of racism, a splash of diabetes, and a wheelbarrow of stage 4 cancer? Answer: A family. See? I didn’t lie what kind of film this was. If there’s anything you take away today – other than the need to google “what the fuck is dubstep” – it’s that we all need to belong to someone.’

Makes sense, right?

(also I did google that, and it seems like there is no definitive answer, just like there is no answer in my head to what hip hop is either).


I made a shelf. I did drilling. And now all my games are happy. So is my face.


A variety of clothes have been worn. Stitch hoody has seen a lot of action. DIY leggings got to be involved in the shelf (that’s leggings to do DIY in, not leggings I made myself). Also I wore a glowing halo on saturday night.


I’ve had to listen to a lot of music without singing it this week, which is a random experience. The Other Half told Alexa to ‘play some music’ which has resulted in randomness which seems to be mostly indie.


Rhino Hero tops my chart of favourite playing this week.

Close second is King of Tokyo, which took me a little while to remember how to play but I think I’ve mastered it again.

And Ticket to Ride, well I taught other people how to play that one. Always good to get new people involved in a bit of strategy with trains.

And lastly…

I’ve decided this needs to be a take it easy kind of week. Which means I’ll probably have at least one night at home sitting in my pants? Maybe?

Also, the local store has started selling 1.25l iced tea. I think they’ve realised I kinda like it.

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