Hold me close, my little Dracu-love

Despite feeling incredibly sloth like this week, somehow I have managed to leave my bed, exit the house, and do stuff.


There has been a lot of reading. That’s because reading is a good thing to partake in whilst curled up under a duvet in a darkened room – well, at least it is if you have an electronic reading device which happily I do. Notwithstanding the feel and smell of actual real books, which I enjoy immensely, but sadly, that ‘being invisible in the dark’ thing they have going on is a major downfall. Also, the books I’ve been reading are, in real book terms, massive, and therefore a lot lighter to hold when in kindle form.

Brandon Sanderson is the man for me this week, and the Mistborn series is what has been gracing my screen. I actually felt fairly bereft as I finished the first of the series, as it had really drawn me in to a world of allomancy, class disparity and rebellion. Luckily this was quickly rectified by remembering there was a second in the series to get stuck into – another great bonus of ebooks being the immediate download option. I think it’s going to get expensive…

Also, has anyone seen my Bushcraft and Survival magazine? It seems to have vanished inexplicably. Maybe because it smelt SO GOOD.


Too busy reading. No time for watching… well, except for the one and a half hours I spent sitting down with the Other Half to view the Flight of the Conchords carrying out their London tour date. Robots was the encore, which pleased me. I also liked their Gender Reversal song, and the story about the lift and the muffin. It did make me want to eat muffins. I have not eaten any, but I did get a Black Forest cupcake, which I think provides a good substitute.


I did not make muffins, or cupcakes, but I did make tiffin. Or rather, I instructed the kids how to make tiffin and then they made it. Impressively, some of the mix actually ended up in the tin.


My bat dress has made its second appearance, and my new top from the Amsterdam Hard Rock Café. I can’t actually remember what stuff I wore to work last Winter, but I think I need to dig out whatever it was and have it ready, because things are getting just a little bit chilly and apparently wearing blankets as cloaks is not considered appropriate office attire.


Forever & Ever More by Nothing But Thieves is my favourite song this week, and of course Alexa has no idea what it is if I ask her to play it. The result is a rendition of something by Westlife. WHAT?

So I’ve been listening to EVERYTHING by Nothing But Thieves in order to get to the song I actually want, and it turns out I like quite a lot of their music.

Thanks Alexa. I think.


Unstable Unicorns has been the main game this week. That and GoNuts for Donuts, which left me feeling very hungry. I just filled out the pledge manager to get the Control and Chaos Unstable Unicorns Backercorn Project game heading it’s way to me too, still a few months to go but it’s getting closer! And Sprawlopolis arrived through my door.

And lastly…

This coming week promises to be busy, with half term, the launch of our first themed gaming night – Apocalypse Night, zombies YEAH – and trying to get the house on the market. Maybe I’ll survive, maybe not. We shall see.

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