You make me sick, because I adore you so

I probably could blame the lack of words in recent months on the unlacking and endless stream of other things that have held my attention.

But I’m not keen on the whole blame thing. Basically I haven’t written anything, or indeed touched a computer much outside of the work perspective, due to falling asleep whenever I look at a keyboard. Even my very pleasing rainbow one.

Which sits in my new room, in my new house.

I say new, in the scale of the creation of the world, or stardates or other things that seem to have far reaching implications, two months is certainly considered newness. Babies are newborn until three months. New hairstyles only exist for a day or two, or a week if you have lots of friends. Anyway, the point is I moved and have spent the last few weeks arranging the newness to make it feel old and pleasant and like I may have lived there forever.

Certainly in terms of laundry I have succeeded.

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